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David – 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG Coupe Auto 4MATIC

Richard was diligent and hard working with my experience trying to sell my Mercedes.

I highly recommend him and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy services to anyone looking to sell their car.

I can’t speak highly enough of his integrity and honesty.

Marielle – 2020 Kia Sorrento Si Diesel AWD Auto Wagon

Richard was extremely kind, knowledgeable, and patient as he stepped me through all the stages of helping me buy my perfect car. I knew nothing at all about cars and he knew everything so we were a perfect match!

Richard spent a lot of time assessing all aspects of what I needed and wanted in a car and he had excellent advice about safety features that I wasn’t even aware of. He very much listened to what I was wanting and the needs of my family.

He handled the entire process from researching several cars, to prioritising, looking for and explaining his advice in detail, to physically inspecting and purchasing the vehicle. I completely trusted him when I was finally ready to take the plunge and buy.

He thoroughly checked the car over in detail and really saved me more money than I paid him in negotiating down the price of the car. Because of Richard’s ongoing relationship with many of the car dealerships he was also able to negotiate additional improvements and upgrades from the dealership. All the paperwork and stress were completely handled and it made the whole process an enjoyable relief.

I could never have bought this wonderful car without Richard’s advice and the services and help of My Next Car Buying Advocacy along the entire process. I can highly recommend his service to anyone who wants to not only buy a great car without hidden faults and flaws and the common deceptions of used car dealerships but also to save money in the process.

Brian & Erica – 2019 Kia Sportage Si Premium Auto Wagon

Richard’s service was a lifesaver for us, as we needed a car quickly before the arrival of our first child. The top services he provided us were: Reassurance; Time; and Value.

REASSURANCE: Richard has great knowledge of all the car features, good, bad and hype, so can advise on what will work for you. But even more importantly for us, with all his experience he can spot the dodgy sellers from the honest ones, so we know we are getting a good car at a good deal. This takes away a lot of stress throughout the sales process.

TIME: As with many people, we just didn’t have the time to research multiple car models, including understanding things like how a 2015 high end badge differs from 2017 mid-range in the same model. Then to also spend our evenings and weekends going to look at cars & dealing with the sellers. This isn’t too bad when a car is just around the corner, but Richard was going to look at cars for us that were over an hour away. We would have never contemplated travelling that far to find a car, but this is the one we ended up getting & loving!

MONEY: We may have been able to get a similar price to Richard…..but doubtful to be honest. He was able to get a good price because he got into the sellers within an hour of them putting up the Ad up. He not only did this, but organised a time ASAP to come back to the car & make an offer. Also helps that he is very likeable & the sellers were committed to hold the car for him until he got there. We would never have been able to have organised all this & done the smooth talking needed.

So, all in all, we would highly recommend Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy. He ticked all the boxes & got us the perfect outcome.

Thanks again Richard!

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