Do you buy cars from customers or accept swaps?

No, we do not buy or swap cars. We are not a Wholesaler or Dealer. We are a personal boutique Car Advocacy Service that buys and sells cars on behalf of the client.

Do you only sell cars privately?

No, based on the estimated valuation and condition of your car we provide you advice on the best way to sell your car when also buying another. Trade-in method at dealer or private sale, whichever is the best outcome and changeover price for the client.

What if I know the car I want to buy can I still use your Buying Service?

Yes, we can help simplify and clarify your buying decision and match you with Right car at the Right price. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

When you buy or sell a car on my behalf do you take legal title of the car?

No, legal title stays with you. We are not a LMCT dealer. As your Advocate, we are merely acting on your behalf with all legal title and obligations remaining with you throughout the buying and selling process.

How long will it take to sell my car?

Our estimated valuation of your car is based on industry sourced and other competitive car listings values. It provides the basis to setting the right price for a successful and timely sale that reflects the cars age, condition and specifications. However, we have no control of the general state of the selling market and the demand for particular models.

Do you do Road Worthy Certificates?

Yes, we work with Service Partners that are licensed vehicle testers and can organise the issue of a Road Worthy Certificate for your vehicle.

Who are some of your preferred Service Partners that can assist clients in their car buying and selling experience?

Premium Lending Group
Temby Auto
Mag Wheel & Tyre

What is the Car Buying Package Upfront Fee?

The Upfront fee contributes to the cost of providing the initial services of the Face 2 Face Client meetings, the Client Needs Analysis, Research, recommendations of 3 models of car for client consideration and arranging test drives.

What is the Car Buying Package Service Fee?

The Service Fee is the final package payment once the car is purchased and delivered to the client.

Are the costs of “Recommended Extra Services” included in the total cost of the Car Buying packages?

No, these are optional Extra Services that the client can choose in addition to the Buying packages.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or bank transfer options only. Eftpos facilities on site are not available.

Do you provide finance?

We can put you in touch with finance professionals that have access to current rates from a panel of lenders. They will be able to review any finance quote you have been offered to make sure you are receiving a competitive deal.

Where are you located?

We are a mobile service, so we will come to you in metropolitan Melbourne.

Do you provide any free service?

As part of our Buying and Selling packages we provide an initial free 15-minute phone consultation with our Client Advocate to discuss our services and see how we can help you.

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