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    My Next Car Buying Advocacy is a personal car advice, buying and selling service that works on behalf and in the best interest of the client.


    Together we will identify what is the best car for your needs and budget. Then we source the matching car, negotiate and buy it on your behalf.


    We take the hassle out of selling your car by providing a car selling and advice services so you can get back to doing the things that are important to you.

    During this evolving COVID-19 pandemic, we want to reassure everyone that we commit ourselves to support our customers and the community as well. And we’re well-prepared. The nature of our business means we’re obligated to prepare and act responsibly.

    Please be rest assured, we can work without any interaction at all. Which means no customer contact or connection, so we’re still able to provide you with our services while striving to keep everyone safe during these COVID-19 times



    • Provide expert knowledge & advice in selling and buying the right car for your needs.
    • Paying the right price for your next quality car.
    • Buying the safest car for your budget.
    • Saving you time, money and the hassles of buying and selling your next car.
    • Provide you the best car buying service and selling experience so you can continue to do the things that are important to you.

    Car Broker

    in Melbourne

    My Next Car Buying Advocacy is more than just a car broker. We are a highly experienced car buying agent offering a quality car buying service to all customers in Melbourne. We are devoted to customer service and act as a car buyers advocate so you can make well informed decisions regarding the purchase and sale of your vehicles.

    Best Car

    Buying Service

    It is easy to be confused when making a large financial decision such as buying a brand new car. Wondering how to choose between all the new models, features and tech on offer or trying to choose a pre-owned car that provides value for money. My Next Car Buying Advocacy is a transparent and independent buying service. We are here to consult and help identify your car needs. Simplifying and clarifying your buying decision so we can make sure you go with the best car option for you. Services we offer:

    • Independent Car Buyers Advocate: You can be assured we are on your side as we are not car sales people and therefore don’t make commissions and have no vested interest in particular cars.
    • Used Car Brokers: We provide car buying service for new and used vehicles so you don’t need to spend extra hours researching what every new feature means and what value you’re getting. We will provide all that information for you as you need it.
    • We can do everything for you, even if you know what car you want!

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    Happy Clients Say


    Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy have been instrumental in our family purchasing four cars. Without his extensive knowledge, professional contacts and passion for the automotive market, we would have had a very difficult time and a great deal of stress. Instead, these have all been exciting and so very easy with Richard taking care of all the details. We must have a family record as Richard is about to undertake our fifth transaction! We cannot recommend his exceptional service enough.

    Brian & Erica- 2019 Kia Sportage Si Premium Auto Wagon

    Richard’s service was a lifesaver for us, as we needed a car quickly before the arrival of our first child. The top services he provided us were: Reassurance; Time; and Value. REASSURANCE: Richard has great knowledge of all the car features, good, bad and hype, so can advise on what will work for you. But even more importantly for us, with all his experience he can spot the dodgy sellers from the honest ones, so we know we are getting a good car at a good deal. This takes away a lot of stress throughout the sales process. TIME: As with many people, we just didn’t have the time to research multiple car models, including understanding things like how a 2015 high end badge differs from 2017 mid-range in the same model. Then to also spend our evenings and weekends going to look at cars & dealing with the sellers. This isn’t too bad when a car is just around the corner, but Richard was going to look at cars for us that were over an hour away. We would have never contemplated travelling that far to find a car, but this is the one we ended up getting & loving! MONEY: We may have been able to get a similar price to Richard…..but doubtful to be honest. He was able to get a good price because he got into the sellers within an hour of them putting up the Ad up. He not only did this, but organised a time ASAP to come back to the car & make an offer. Also helps that he is very likeable & the sellers were committed to hold the car for him until he got there. We would never have been able to have organised all this & done the smooth talking needed. So, all in all, we would highly recommend Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy. He ticked all the boxes & got us the perfect outcome. Thanks again Richard!

    Michael – 2021 Mazda BT-50 GT Auto 4×4 Dual Cab

    I was really impressed by the professional service that Richard provided. He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about cars and he has a warm and pleasant nature. Richard took the time and effort to engage in multiple conversations about my needs and preferences and his recommendations were very helpful. I was so glad not to have to do all the running around car dealers, the research and the negotiating, especially as I live in regional Victoria. His follow-up was regular and timely and he kept me informed of progress in the lead-up to pick up day. Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy made the whole car-buying process easy and enjoyable. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Ted- 1971 Holden Torana LC GTR XU1 Manual Coupe

    After owning my beloved 1971 GTR XU1 for fifty years it became necessary to reluctantly sell it due to health reasons. This created a very difficult dilemma for me. Richard demonstrated understanding of my special sentimental requirements and found a new owner who would appreciate the car, its unique history and who would enjoy and use the car in the future. I would like to thank Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy for his professional and considerate manner in understanding my specific parameters to conclude a successful and stress-free sale.

    Shayne & Mel- 2021 SKODA Octavia Ambition 1.4L Auto Sedan

    “Dealing with Richard from My Next Car Buying Advocacy, exceeded all my expectations”. With the dread of having to find my next family car, the process turned into an enjoyable experience that resulted in us finding the perfect family car beyond what I would have been able to do on my own or with the time I had available. Richard’s passion for cars, attention to detail and focus in safety made the selecting our new car an easy decision.Not just focusing on price, but considering what are family needs are now and over the next few years helped guide our decision, made not just by the heart but also the head. Ending up with a car I would not have thought about but one we love and fits perfectly. Guided by Richard’s vast knowledge of vehicle and expert advice we were able to quickly narrow the field and looking at it all on paper quickly decided on one vehicle. After one test drive we knew we had a winner and that day bought our new 2021 Skoda Octavia Ambition. One week on we are so happy with the experience and the car we chose. We have all the safety features we wanted, the boot capacity we wanted and a car that our family will comfortably be able to use now and into the future. If you are looking for a full service experience to help purchase your next car, then look no further, Richard from My Next Car Buying Advocacy is my recommendation.

    Anthony- 2019 Subaru Forester S5 2.5i AWD Auto Wagon

    Richard and My Next car Buying Advocacy offers an excellent and transparent service. He is informative and knowledgeable about cars and the car market. He will discuss with you your needs for a car, advising you about the differences and advantages of the individual brands and models. I personally found the process hassle free, in fact, I’d have to say enjoyable. After visiting a couple of Dealerships and wasting my weekend time I called Richard. His service not only saved me time and money but got me the right car which is safe and comfortable.He kept me informed along the way with his research and when the right car was identified he did all the organising. If you are intending to purchase a new car, I would highly recommend Richard’s service which I found to be reliable, honest and easy.

    Andrew –2014 (MY15) MITSUBISHI Outlander 2.4L ES 4WD Auto Wagon

    I rarely spent more than a couple of grand on a car. I have owned cars and bikes since I was 17. My favorite was a Renault 16 and more recently a 1998 Volvo V40. It was time to spenda tad more, so when I heard of Richard’s and My Next Car Buying Advocacy’s good works, I turned to him for help. I didn’t have the kind of budget he was use to and with a dynamic market to contend with, he still managed to find me a car that not only was safe for my granddaughters and to travel in. I know one of my mother’s cherished wishes, that I travel safe across this vast country, has found purchase here. Every morning I peek through the bathroom window to check it’s still there. And it is! Thank-you Richard. You are a poet, a kind and generous man.

    Danny – 2015 Ford Mondeo MD Mondeo Ambiente Diesel Auto Wagon

    After smashing and writing off my car on March 21, I naturally needed a replacement. Because I am 79 years of age, live in a small community 70 kms north of Melbourne, and have debilitating spinal problems, I have trouble driving more than about 50 kms at a time. Consequently, I didn't want to have to drive around Melbourne's used car yards and private sellers searching for a replacement vehicle. So I searched the internet hoping to find someone that does the searching and purchasing on your behalf. I soon came across Richard's website “My Next Car Buying Advocacy”and rang him for a chat. I instantly established a rapport with Richard and consequently hired him to find a suitable set of wheels for me. With Richard's prudent input, we worked out what kind of car I really needed as my replacement vehicle, what kind of extra's I wanted, what I wanted to pay, and what Richard's fees would be. Within a week Richard came up with three initial contenders for me to choose from. He suggested I have a close look at one of them, a Ford Mondeo station wagon, “that is in immaculate condition.” He was dead right; the car is in showroom condition and has very few kilometres on the clock for a 2015 model. I jumped at the price Richard had negotiated for this car. Richard not only found the right car for me and negotiated the purchase price, he also arranged a mechanical inspection for the required Road Worthy Certificate. He also filled out the change of ownership papers, registration transfer, etc. All I needed to do was inspect and approve of the car, supply the previous owner with a bank cheque, and drive the car home. I couldn't be happier with my new wheels. I can't believe how well kept the car is. It is spotlessly clean and unmarked inside and out and the Duco is faultless. The car had been fully serviced just before I bought it and it even had new tyres fitted! And I couldn't be happier with Richard's service. He definitely knows his cars, is very professional, friendly, and he obviously enjoys his job of finding the right car for his clients' needs. And his fee is really reasonable. I really enjoyed my dealings with Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy. I would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone looking for a new or used car.

    Camm & Kirsikka- 2021 Skoda Octavia 110TSI Auto Wagon

    After having some bad experiences buying a car in the past, we decided to enlist the service of Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy, as an advocate on our behalf. We found him to be very personable and he had a great deal of enthusiasm for the process from beginning to end. He was very thorough and really took into consideration our family's circumstances. I wanted to consider purchasing a Skoda and Richard was a great asset in looking into whether it would be an appropriate vehicle for our family. Once we had evaluated a number of different options, we finally decided that this vehicle would be suitable for us. Richard then located the best vehicle on our behalf. Throughout the process Richard was available and kept us up to date as we progressed. He was also honest with us about potential hiccups and challenges. When he found the right car for us, he was able to negotiate a great deal for our trade in and then investigated finance through the dealership. Richard's experience and knowledge meant that we secured a great deal on finance which was way less than we would have paid through our approved finance. We could not have been happier with Richard's services and feel as though he provided great value for the amount of work, he put in on our behalf. We ended up with a great car that we are so happy with. What could have been a stressful time was made so easy for us by Richard's professionalism and advocacy.

    Hayden & Amanda- 2020 Kia Sportage 2.0L SX Auto Wagon

    We could not be happier with our recent car buying experience with Richard at My Next Car Buying Advocacy!!! Due to our growing family we needed to purchase a new car (and quickly).However, the wealth of information and options in the car market were completely overwhelming. It was impossible to decide what was the safest and most economic decision! Not to mention the time-consuming task of driving to multiple dealerships around town. After one phone call with Richard explaining our requirements, he quickly cut through the noise and highlighted the best options on the market for our budget. His memory and knowledge for multiple car specs (including remembering the exact litre capacity of each boot size) was seriously impressive and saved us hours of research! We could then refine our search and together decided on the best model for our needs. Richard then did all the leg work and negotiations with the dealerships and within days we were signing the paperwork on a 2020 demo model Kia Sportage. Due to Covid19, a lot of models have significant wait times. However, due to Richard’s ongoing relationships with many dealers he was able to secure a demo model with only 1500km on the clock and saved us thousands and months in line waiting for new stock! We are so grateful for Richard and his all-encompassing service and advice. It made an overwhelming and time- consuming process an absolute breeze! Our new car is perfect for our needs and we know we got the very best value possible for our budget. We’ve recommended Richie’s services to all our friends and family looking to buy or sell. The car market can be complex and daunting, so having and expert like Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy on your side is priceless!

    Christine -2014 Holden VF SSV Redline V8 6spd Manual Ute

    I would highly recommend the services provided by Richard at My Next Car Buying Advocacy (MNCBA). As the Executor of my brother’s estate and in need of selling his beloved VF SSV Redline Ute, I found I needed help. As there was no way I was going to be able to have the time or expertise to put through an Ad, post to Carsales and field all the enquiries… .let alone weed out the dreamers, meet with the potential buyers and test drive the car! So I Googled…and, after reading many reviews, there was one business that really stood out, “ My Next Car Buying Advocacy”. I was nervous about involving a broker to help sell the car but from the moment I made the call and spoke with Richard I knew I had made the right decision. The process was completely seamless. Richard took care of absolutely everything for me and kept me informed at every step. I could not fault the service received from Richard. His advice, communication, the Carsales Ad and photos/video, contract and test drive documentation were all truly excellent as was his honesty, reliability and professionalism. Even the eventual purchaser commented on Richard’s professionalism and how pleasant and easy the buying experience was for him. I’m so glad I chose MNCBA to help me sell the car and would not hesitate to recommend Richard’s service to anyone looking for a completely hassle free selling service.

    Julia & Nick -2020 Kia Sorrento Sport+ 8spd AWD Diesel Auto Wagon

    Richard helped us to buy our first new car. We came in thinking we knew which car we wanted but with Richard’s help ended up with something that suited us better. Richard knows every single detail of the car market – from warranties, to gearboxes, to leasing, to which dealers have which stock. With Richard’s help, not only did we save 000’s of dollars on the final purchase price, we saved untold time and got the right car in a matter of days. Richard is kind, responsive and extremely diligent-following up on every detail, and going above and beyond to deliver outstanding service. Engaging My Next Car Buying Advocacy was the best decision we made in our car buying process.

    Dan- 2016 Mazda CX-5 Akera Diesel AWD Auto Wagon

    Exactly what I wanted! After utilising Richard’s services and expertise 7 years ago to buy my Audi A4, it was a no brainer for me to turn to him again to find my next perfect car. Richard is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and organised, which shows from the very first interaction. After discussing my needs, wants, lifestyle and other factors, Richard presented me with a few cars that he thought would be suitable. After some deliberation, a COVID interruption and some very enjoyable test drives, we found the perfect car for me. To be able to have all of the stress and hassle taken out of the buying process, makes the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy absolutely worth the money. Not to mention the negotiation on price for buying the car which also was very valuable. See you again to help with my next car Rich!

    Oliver -2021 Skoda Scala 110TSI Launch Edition- Auto Hatch

    I was introduced to Richard via a family friend who is a car enthusiast. This was the first time buying a car as I had inherited my father’s 15-year-old Saab, which had served me faithfully until she and I had a fight with a truck and it was written off. I had a fair idea that I would like a Golf GTi as some of the limited research I had done highlighted the safety features and power which were important to me. Meeting Richard for the first time I was immediately struck by his knowledge, detail and passion in his “Client Needs Analysis” of me. This allowed him to understand and get an overarching picture of what I was looking for. The thoroughness of the discussions that he engages in with you allows him to go and find the best car for the best price. The process was long as I kept on changing my mind in regards to the budget and the type of features I wanted. Richard took this in his stride and was incredibly patient in making sure I felt comfortable and not pressured in rushing into buying something I was not 100 percent comfortable with. I have no hesitation in recommending Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy and would like to thank him publicly for all his assistance and hard work. As fate would have it, I ended buying a Skoda Scala, something I had not considered at all and I couldn’t be happier

    Chris- 2014 MY15 VW Golf 103TSI Highline Auto Hatch

    Richard provided a comprehensive and professional service from beginning to end. His knowledge of cars, enthusiasm for his work and commitment to providing clients with the best possible result was outstanding. I am very happy with my VW Golf and couldn’t recommend Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy highly enough.

    Gail – 2007 Toyota Aurion Sportivo ZR6 Auto Sedan

    “I couldn’t’ be happier with the service that Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy provided.” It was a pleasure to deal with him from start to finish. We needed to sell my husband’s car due to ill health and I was at a loss to know where to start.  He was very thorough, honest and professional in his approach and made the whole process stress free. Richard ensured we sold the car for a price that we would not have achieved on our own. He really did the research on our car and made sure it was presented in a true and accurate manner that reflected how much my husband looked after his beloved Aurion. The new owner was well matched to the car and was really happy with the outcome. Richard is passionate about cars and his business and this reflected by the satisfied outcome for both the seller and buyer. I would highly recommend Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy to others and would always utilise his skills to sell my car in the future.

    Robyn – 2019 Hyundai Sante Fe Highlander

    Richard provided us with a very professional, efficient and successful service in resulting in the purchase of a new Hyundai Sante Fe Highlander, which I love!! I don’t know a lot about cars, so it was super helpful to have his professional advice and he saved us time and money in the process. We met with Richard initially to discuss what I needed and he went away and did some research, resulting in a shortlist of 3 suitable cars for me. He arranged the test drives and picked me up and took me to 3 dealers. We did 3 test drives and afterwards chatted and compared the cars advantages and disadvantages. That day I chose my new car! Richard organised a good trade-in price for my old car and negotiated with the dealers, with whom he has a good relationship, to get me a great final price on my new Hyundai. Today we picked it up together. I am a very satisfied customer and totally recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy for your next car purchase!! Five Star Service! Thanks Richard.

    Andrea – 2018 Holden Astra R+ Auto Hatch

    I highly recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy and Richard’s service. I know absolutely nothing about cars and was anxious about getting ripped off and buying a lemon. Richard took all that stress away. He took care of every detail, answered every question, provided fantastic advice and guided me through the whole process with care and consideration. In determining what my needs were, he raised things I hadn’t even considered to ensure I got the most suitable option within my budget. His customer service is outstanding and he is incredibly passionate about making it a great experience.

    Emilia & Socrates – 2016 BMW X3 LCI xDrive 20i Auto Wagon

    Wow! What a delightful, stress-free and totally awesome experience. Richard, we can’t thank you and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy enough for not only providing a world-class service but finding us a gem. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire process from the initial discovery call to the final email from you. I can’t believe how easy this was and can assure you that we will always use you to buy any future cars for us. You saved as endless hours of research and $1000s of dollars. It makes sense when purchasing one of the most expensive things in life (other than property) to invest in the advice of an expert like you. Genuinely remarkable stuff – and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve written a detailed blog post #emiliarossiblog on my website about the experience for others to know from start to finish what to expect. Thank you again for everything. Emilia & Socrates

    Ian & Jill – 2020 Subaru Outback 2.5L Premium AWD Auto Wagon

    Thank you,Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy for your 5 Star service, both Jill and I are delighted with the outcome. The Subaru Outback drives like a car and the feel is very much like my dear old Fairmont as far as judging parking and road sense is concerned. Jill had a drive with the sunroof open and quietly enjoyed the luxury. Obviously, the other features are bonuses. All the essentials,with the added modern safety aids are there and it is a pleasure to drive. With 17 years between purchases you made the experience seamless, stress free and easy. You took the time to understand our lifestyle requirements. You then provided us the best car options to consider and finally guided us to the perfect car for our needs moving forward. Thank you for setting us on the right path and completing a very favorable negotiation and assisting us with our Trade-In. I will certainly recommend you and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy to friends who might be contemplating a new car purchase. All the best, Ian & Jill

    Dianna- 2019 Honda Civic VTi-LX Turbo Hatch

    “I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending My Next Car Buying Advocacy and Richard’s professional, customer focused service that took the stress and confusion out of buying my car.” After many years of faithful service, it was time to upgrade my Subaru Impreza. I went and did test drives of cars I was interested in. I thought I knew what I wanted but after test driving….maybe not! Richard from My Next Car Buying Advocacy was recommended. I met with Richard and after a thorough discussion, he narrowed down exactly what I was looking for in a car. He gave me a few suggestions that I had not considered and arranged test drives. We did 30-40 min test drives so that I could experience the cars in various driving conditions. One stood out and with Richard’s contacts in the car industry, I got a great deal on a car that I love to drive. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending My Next Car Buying Advocacy and Richard’s professional, customer focused service that took the stress and confusion out of buying my car.

    Alan & Katie -2019 Holden Acadia LTZ AWD Wagon

    Richard and services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy were responsive and extremely thorough. What was immediately evident was his knowledge of cars and the benefits of the varying models and years can deliver. He quickly ascertained our needs and wants and from there set about finding the best car to deliver on these within our budget. He highlighted cars that not only met our needs but would improve our driving experience, including comfort and safety. In particular we were impressed and found much value in some of the discussions around things to consider when buying a car; what to check for and ensuring the car driving experience and functionality is the right fit for both drivers. Not only were we thinking and talking about buying a car for now, but Richard got us thinking about a strategy for long term. We found his insights and long-term considerations extremely valuable. This included having an idea of how long we might plan to have the car for and aligning that back to our car usage habits including average kms driven, the ongoing cost of maintaining the car, including fuel consumption, space requirements, lifestyle etc. Just lots of snippets of gold that we never would have thought of ourselves, all adding to our confidence in Richard and confidence in the purchase being made- and we love the result. We were initially keen on the idea of a Holden Acadia, however, discounted it in our early considerations because of the brand leaving Australia and we kind of fell in to the trap of fear of unknown.  The reality (as Richard helped us see), was that we had an opportunity to buy a better and much newer car, with more features than we otherwise would be able to afford, including warranties and we had the opportunity to compare this to other leading contenders and test them all out. We ended up with zero fear. One of Richard’s key points Richard was that the car is still being made in America. So how is this different to buying a European car? Richard helped us change our mindset and stay focussed on meeting our needs with confidence and security. Finally, all the stress is removed and the whole experience you just get to enjoy. We highly recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy and no doubt we will use Richard ongoing. We went for the full Platinum Package and it was, in our experience, a true full service. Richard was a delight to deal with!

    Hayley & Mark –2018 Holden Equinox LS+ 1.5T Auto Wagon

    “Richard’s advice, service and expertise took all the pressure out of the process for us. We are both busy people and it saved us a lot of time and made the buying experience seamless.” We would highly recommend Richard’s service. We were in the market for a second-hand car but had no idea where to start and were quite overwhelmed with going into the world of Car Sales without much knowledge or experience. Richard made the whole process super easy and efficient – resulting in a fantastic vehicle that we would almost certainly not have found on our own! Richard really got to know us in the initial stages, making sure he understood our lifestyle and priorities to ensure we ended up with the right car for us. His service is really personalised, making sure that you not only get a great car – but one that is right for you. We also learnt a lot in the process in regard to safety features and the different benefits of each vehicle in Richard’s shortlist he developed for us. Richard is thorough and put us at complete ease that all of the research had been done and all of the options explored. His advice, service and expertise took all the pressure out of the process for us. We are both busy people and it saved us a lot of time and made the buying experience seamless. Richard is genuinely passionate, enthusiastic and understanding of the car market and made it easy for us to purchase a car that was perfect for our needs, within our set budget and aligned to our priorities of what we needed and wanted in a car. We’re extremely happy with the process and outcome and wouldn’t hesitate to engage Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy again in the future.

    Cheng- 2019 MY20 Honda CRV VTi-LX AWD Auto Wagon

    “Richard saved me a whole bunch of legwork, and I doubt I would have gotten the value I did without his help.” From our first meeting, it was clear that Richard was not only very passionate about cars, but about great customer service too. Having little knowledge about cars myself, I really appreciated Richard’s advice on safety considerations. Richard made narrowing down the choices to 3 an easy one, and he organised for the cars to be available at the dealership for me to test drive. He made the whole buying purchase a breeze – the research he put in has meant I got a car that was excellent value for my budget, packed with safety features and the little extras. Richard saved me a whole bunch of legwork, and I doubt I would have gotten the value I did without his help. If you are in the market for your next car, I highly recommend the services of Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy. It was worth every cent!

    Nick – 2018 Volkswagen Golf 7.5 GTi AUTO

    "Simply put, without Richard’s work on my behalf I’d have sold my old car for much less, paid much more for the new one, taken at least a month to do it, and come away certain I’d been done. Richard, you were worth every cent.” I admit I do like cars, their looks, the driving experience, and where they take me, but every so often I have to face reality and sell one that’s well past its prime and buy a much newer one. And that’s where it all gets tricky, because I’m hopeless at it. I end up selling them too cheap and paying too much. And I know it. It takes me ages and is very stressful. And at the end of it all I I’m left questioning if I’ve really made the right choice. So, it was 11 years ago that I first tried using a car advocate to help with the process. Last week, after 11 years of happy motoring, I needed to do it all again. A bit of online research led me to Richard Lipinski, Car Buying Advocate. A sole operator and certified car nut, who takes all the hassle out of the process for people like me. A phone call later I’d taken him on. Richard likes to start right back at the beginning with his clients, helping them really think through what they want from the car over the next few years, or more, and then from his experience can suggest possible vehicles, some of which they may not have previously considered. In my case it was easier, my 11-year-old Golf had been terrific, right on so many counts, I just wanted another one, but maybe with a bit more zing, and all the technical goodies of a car today. He suggested a few alternatives, but clearly, he was a bit of a Golf fan too. We settled on looking for a new GTi, or a dealer demo model. He explained the ins and outs of dealer demos, and then the variables at the top end of the GTi market and the various options that were available on brand new ones. Then we started searching online. I had a budget of course, but one of the variables was the dollars I’d get on my old Golf. Richard took on the sale of that too. At the same time Richard quickly narrowed the options down to just two dealer demo cars in Melbourne that stood out, then started negotiating. Within just a week he had traded my old Golf for more than I expected, test driven and then negotiated the price on one of the new GTi’s down to within my budget. I paid the money and drove it home on Friday. With just 2.5k km on the clock it’s as if brand new. It’s got every option available. And one very happy driver. Simply put, without Richard’s work on my behalf I’d have sold my old car for much less, paid much more for the new one, taken at least a month to do it, and come away certain I’d been done. Richard, you were worth every cent.

    Phil – 1966 Ford GT Mustang Coupe Auto

    ‘With COVID-19 in full swing, I was nervous about selling my prized 1966 Ford GT Mustang at this time. But Richard and the selling services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy delivered in spades. We got the desire outcome with the car being sold by the end of the first week it was on the market. I highly recommend Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy to anyone when it comes to sourcing a new car or selling one. He is the consummate professional’.

    Steve – 2020 Kia Stinger GT Fastback Auto

    Richard provided a service that was new to me, him and the dealerships involved with the “Pandemic Lockdown” in full swing. I knew what car I wanted, and needed to trade in a vehicle, all without setting foot in a dealership or having to take my trade in to a dealership. Richard was able to adapt and find the right car for me at a great price. He organised my trade in without me leaving home and enabled me to physically distance from everyone involved. Richard came to see the car delivered to me at home, and boy did it look good with the sun shining on it. Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy provides fantastic personalised service and I wholeheartedly recommend him to you.

    Mark & Jill – 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LS Auto Wagon

    When our 2001 Toyota RAV4 finally gave out this year, we started looking for a new car. We quickly realised that technology had changed so much since it was released that we might as well have been looking for a space ship. There were so many options, it was hard to know where to start – and with COVID-19 cases on the rise we didn’t want to do a lot of test drives in strange cars either. We contacted Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy, who helped us narrow down our search to a shortlist. He then did a comprehensive analysis of each car to see where we would get the most bang for our buck. There was a lot of discussion and explanation to make sure we fully understood the pros and cons of each one, and that we were getting the absolute best car for our needs. In the end he found us a 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross at a great price (and in a great colour!). We probably won’t drive it for 17-odd years like the RAV4, but are looking forward to racking up lots of kilometres and adventures on the road ahead. And thanks to Richard, most of the searching was done for us from the comfort of our lounge room. We have no hesitation in recommending My Next Car Buying Advocacy and would absolutely use the service again in the future. Mark and Jill

    Susie & Alice

    2013 Honda Jazz Vibe

    “Richard’s knowledge, enthusiasm and totally professional approach turned what I had been a stressful, conflict causing situation into a positive and easy process” I cannot thank Richard enough for helping us find the absolutely perfect car for Alice’s first car. Richard’s knowledge, enthusiasm and totally professional approach turned what I had been a stressful, conflict causing situation into a positive and easy process. Alice is so thrilled with her car and I am so impressed that Richard found a car with so many added features at a fantastic price. We will never buy a car any other way!


    2017 Volkswagen Golf 7 R Auto Hatch

    “Many thanks to Richard Lipinski and My Next Car Buying Advocacy for managing the sale of my Volkswagen Golf 7 R. A quick sale at a fair price to an interstate purchaser, managed with care and no complications.”

    Oliver & Anne

    2016 Kia CeratoS Premium AUTOHATCH

    Easy, no fuss and very affordable. Despite personally knowing nothing about cars, Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy took into consideration what was important to us, our price range and showed us a variety of vehicle. Even going so far as finding a seller and organising the whole thing. If you’re in need of a new or used car and don’t quite know what you’re after, Richard is your guy. Loving the new car!


    2014 FORD FIESTA WZ Trend Manual Hatchback

    “Years were added to my life as I watched Richard, ever so efficiently source the right car for my needs….. and newer than I ever imagined would be affordable for me.” I am relatively new to driving, so if asked about cars I appear like someone who has just arrived in a foreign country with a three page phrase book. It might be slightly amusing as a fumbling traveller to ask for a neck tie soup, (yes, I've done this!) but when looking for a car to buy, I quickly realised that not only was the phrase book unwieldy, but that I was in danger of asking for something that would fill me with regret for years to come. Then I met Richard. Personable, understanding, enthusiastic, friendly, professional, and fluent in car. Years were added to my life as I watched him ever so efficiently source the right car for my needs, and which was safe, efficient, in excellent condition, and newer than I ever imagined would be affordable for me. Richard made the process educational, as I was always invited into conversations throughout his investigations. This meant I was inevitably learning more about cars, giving me new confidence. I am the delighted owner of a Ford Fiesta that has more bells and whistles than I knew existed, but luckily there is a comprehensive phrase book in the glove box. I would recommend Richard to first time car buyers, and those like myself who struggle to navigate the car market minefield. His unique service was exactly what I needed.


    2013 Toyota Landcruiser Prado GXL Auto 4×4

    “I cannot recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy highly enough to anyone who really wants to cover the widest possible car market in the most thorough way to get the best car possible at the best price.” I had the problem of living way out in the country where there are few cars for sale and a lot of them are pretty banged up. As such, there is little competition on pricing or quality and I needed to get access to a bigger market, but how? A friend said I could only cover Melbourne and other areas through a Car-Buying Advocate, and I selected Richard & My Next Car Buying Advocacy:  Lucky choice! Richard quickly zeroed in on precisely the vehicle, characteristics, kilometres, etc. that I required and then set-about a wide-ranging search to find it. He checked all necessary details, such as finance, crash history, servicing, owners and driving conditions and kept me up-to-date throughout the process with calls, texts and videos so that we could narrow the range to the final choice until he found it! He even clarified the final payments, and completed much of the paperwork, to make the handover as simple as possible. Richard’s service throughout was friendly, comprehensive and professional. I cannot recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy highly enough to anyone who really wants to cover the widest possible car market in the most thorough way to get the best car possible at the best price. Thanks Richard, Mick


    2018 Toyota RAV4 GX Wagon

    Richard is passionate about cars, you can feel it after a few minutes talking to him. He knows the models, the market, the trends, etc…. He doesn’t push you into any action but he clearly explains what is good for you and he is right! There is no pressure on you but he really takes care of the selling process like it was his own car. There was a lot of communication going on between us to keep me posted with the evolution of the sale. For me communication is key in most situations and particularly in a business relationship. Our time frame was short to sell our car but without rushing we have been able to sell it at a fair price. We are happy with the outcome because we think that it is a win-win situation for me and for the buyer, a friendly, genuine Australian guy. Everything was made to ease the selling process and Richard also gave some good advice to the buyer to complete the sale. All in all we are extremely happy with Richard's service, and we highly recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy services for selling your car. Richard, you are a champion! Thanks Michel.


    2019 Kia Sportage GT-Line Diesel Auto Wagon

    “Richard has great knowledge of all makes and models of cars. The buying process is well defined and customer focused. It was a pleasure purchasing my Kia Sportage through Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy.”

    Marie Claire

    2019 BMW X2 s20i M Sport X

    “ Without hesitation, I recommend Richard and My next Car Buying Advocacy.” My Next Car Buying Advocacy had the points of difference I needed to buy a used car. Richard has an extensive knowledge and passion for cars, he emphasises safety features and value for money.Richard managed expectations extremely well. He was on my side, and not the dealer’s side. The key moment was I thought I knew which car I wanted until Richard gathered my requirements, compared models (in an apples to apples structure), and then he proposed a car I didn’t think was within my reach. Without hesitation, I highly recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy.


    2019 VW Passat 206TSI R-Line AWD Wagon

    Richard loves what he does and it shows in the service he provides his customers. He over delivered at every step of the process. Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy helped us buy the perfect car for our needs, all while we were overseas (we were relocating back to Australia and wanted to have the car available on the day we flew in) so we placed a lot of trust in Richard, and he did not disappoint. In addition, he effectively saved us money by negotiating a great deal on the car. Thanks for everything! Marc


    2018 Mitsubishi Outlander AWD LS Auto Wagon

    “A terrific service and wonderful outcome! Thanks Richard.” To all those sitting on the fence, please read this! Richard was incredibly helpful and kindly altered his “Silver Package” service at my request, to assist only with the decision-making process of selecting a car make and model. The tailored service was more affordable for me at the time and allowed me to start the car hunting process in a much more targeted way. I am very happy with the choice of a 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander AWD LS. In hindsight, however, I found the purchase process difficult and ended up spending a lot of time negotiating with dealers and getting checks done (I was purchasing interstate). I’m sure it would have been less painful and certainly more efficient had Richard been there to help! Therefore, I highly recommend the full services offered by Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy to streamline the entire process, including sourcing the car and assisting with the purchase process. You’ll save money in the end 😊 “Thanks again Richard, I have recommended you to all my family!”


    2019 Kia Sportage Si Premium Auto Wagon

    “Richard promised he would find the right car for us and it would be fun. He delivered on both those counts! We couldn’t be happier with our new Kia Sportage and Richard’s service was professional and helpful. My Next Car Buying Advocacy worth every cent.”


    2014 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Bluetec 7spd Auto Wagon

    After doing hours of research myself, I decided to look up an Advocacy Service. I stumbled across My Next Car Buying Advocacy. I literally read every review and then sat with my husband and discussed if we should use Richard. Several meetings later and finally we were test driving. Richard is certainly passionate, thorough, eager to please and willing to get the right vehicle fit for purpose. It was so relaxing knowing someone was capable and experienced. Money well spent and will definitely use My Next Car Buying Advocacy again.


    2015 Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI Auto

    “I would recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy to anyone who wants a hassle free experience in buying a new or second hand car.” Many thanks to Richard for his professional advice and organisational skills in making the purchase of my 2015 Touareg so stress free and an enjoyable process. Once we had locked in on a particular car Richard moved quickly and negotiated a good deal on the highly optioned car. Not only did he negotiate the price down, he insisted on 4 new tyres, the roadworthy suggested 2 new tyres. Richard also insisted on good quality tyres and not the cheaper ones that they had already ordered. He test drove the car and gave me great feedback on the phone and with pictures and video. Richard was of the opinion that the car was like new and would not be on the market for long so we put a deposit on there and then. As I live 80km north of Melbourne, this whole process saved me so much time and effort trying to source a car myself. Once the car was ready, I caught the train into Melbourne and Richard picked me up and drove me to Glen Waverley where we signed all the paperwork over a coffee and the car was mine. The car that Richard bought for me had every possible option installed when new and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I would recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy to anyone who wants a hassle free experience in buying a new or second hand car.


    2015 Ford Mondeo MD Trend Diesel Auto Wagon-

    Richard helped me find a car when I was flat on my back recovering from an accident. I was badly injured and virtually immobile so I let him do the hard work for me and I'm very happy with the result. As my trusted advocate, Richard took the pressure off me and gently steered me in a direction I hadn't considered. I was fixated on a European diesel turbo, similar to the model that had been written off in the accident a few weeks earlier. I now drive a Ford Mondeo wagon. It has all the bells and whistles of the Golf I was trying to replace, with the added benefit of a larger carrying capacity. Richard knows his stuff and it showed in the outcome. He matched me with the car I needed with no fuss, useful advice and strong support. He negotiated with the dealer to complete a missed transmission service, install a towbar and finalise all the on-the-road costs without extra charge. I'm very happy to recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy and Richard’s services to others.


    (Buy) 2018 Kia Sportage GT-Line AWD Diesel Wagon & (Sell) 2016 VW Tiguan 132TSI Comfortline 4Motion Wagon

    “Richard’s knowledge of cars is amazing and his attention to my needs, and details of the transaction were truly efficient.” This is the second time that I have used Richard and his organisation My Next Car Buying Advocacy. My first experience was incredibly successfully. Richard assisted me in selling my previous car and purchasing a new car two years ago and it was a fantastic experience. It was virtually hassle-free and Richard handled the sale and purchase of my car very well and it resulted in get me getting a very good financial deal. I wasn’t sure whether to use Richard again when selling the car that we bought a couple of years ago. I more or less knew the type of car that I wanted but not the make or model. I did however engage Richard once again and the experience was at least as good as the first time. He sold my car (the one he helped me buy two years ago) and again it was a hassle free and quick sale for a good price. In terms of my new car the buying experience was, one again, thoroughly professional. His knowledge of cars is amazing and his attention to my needs, and details of the transaction were truly efficient. He clearly has well established network, meaning that driving different cars is not a problem. Richard is very thorough and focuses on the needs of the client. He does not push but through his listening is able to work out what would be best for clients and quietly makes good suggestions. I will definitely use Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy again!


    2020 Kia Cerato Sports Hatch Auto

    This will sound cliched but Richard’s services were seamless. So thorough, getting me thinking of things I wouldn’t have considered when looking for my next car. His highlighting of safety factors has proven truly worthwhile. Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy services takes all the angst out of purchasing the new and trading in the old car. Well worth doing!


    2017 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8 Coupe Auto

    Richard also saved me an enormous amount of time and stress. I just did not have the time to deal with selling my Mustang, so Richard took care of everything! WIN, WIN, WIN……….. to the buyer, myself, and to Richard, the Car Buying and Selling Advocate! Many thanks to Richard for his integrity, salesmanship, market intelligence, excellent customer service and for his great car knowledge. An excellent price was achieved for the recent sale of my 2017 Mustang GT in a very competitive market. Richard also saved me an enormous amount of time and stress. I just did not have the time to deal with selling my Mustang, so Richard took care of everything! I highly recommend Richard and his service, My Next Car Buying Advocacy, to sell your car and to buy another one for you.

    Morgan & Chloe – Buy- 2017 Holden Astra LS Auto Wagon & Sell- 2011 Suzuki Swift GL Hatchback Auto

    ”Richard took care of everything: negotiation, contracts, inspections, paperwork - it was completely seamless for us.” We engaged with Richard and the service of My Next Car Buying Advocacy to help us buy a car for our growing family, as well as sell our current car. Originally, we planned to do both ourselves, but soon realised that we didn’t have the time or knowledge. Richard was fantastic. Very thorough, taking the time to understand what our needs for the new car were and find options right for us. He came back to us with a series of options matching our requirements and within our budget, going through the pros and cons of each. We ended up with a car that ticked all of the boxes plus more, a great safe car for our family and a really great deal. Richard took care of everything: negotiation, contracts, inspections, paperwork - it was completely seamless for us. For the car sale, Richard discussed what the car was worth and how he would go about selling it, taking care of absolutely everything. Even through the challenges of the COVID lockdowns and restrictions, with a lot of work behind the scenes, Richard still managed to find a buyer who purchased the car at a great price. Throughout the process Richard was always communicating what was going on and always happy to answer any questions we had. He works really hard behind the scenes to make sure he is finding us the very best and making sure everything is smooth and easy for all parties involved. We are very happy we found and engaged with Richard and would highly recommend the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy to anyone needing to buy, sell or both.

    Louise & Wilfred – 2009 Volkswagen TOUAREG R50 Wagon AWD

    “Exceptional experience from start to finish!”. Nothing but exceptional in every way! Sold 2 cars recently with Richard in less than a week both for great prices. Could not have achieved on our own. His passion and attention to detail second to none. Would not hesitate to recommend his services or use him again! Thanks so much Richard. Exceptional experience from start to finish!.

    Darrell – 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan 132TSI AWD Wagon

    “The experience was stress free compared to doing it myself. Richard saved me considerable time, money and effort. He made the process of buying and selling much easier with a lot of fun thrown in.” I was very impressed with Richards knowledge, professionalism and service. He made the process of buying and selling much easier with a lot of fun thrown in. While I had an idea of what I wanted he really went into some detail in assessing my needs and in determining the type, model and size of the car. Time has proved he was right and that the effort of assessing what I needed was very worthwhile in terms of time spent. Through the experience with Richard I more than offset his costs. He found the car I wanted, a Volkswagen Tiguan, which I would not have found myself, at a great price. He moved very quickly to secure the car and sold my 2013 Mazda CX-5, at a good price. Financially I came out ahead compared to doing it all myself. The experience was stress free compared to doing it myself and he saved me considerable time, money and effort. I will be using him and his Car Buying & Selling Advocacy Service again.



    Indepth analysis & understanding of the client’s car needs, lifestyle, priorities & budget.


    Identify and recommend best car for client’s needs and budget.


    Source in the private market or dealer the best matching car, negotiate & buy the Right Car at the Right Price.


    Delivery and handover of the car with all the paperwork & checks of the buying process completed.

    No matter where you’re
    located in Victoria.

    Give us a call on 0402 386 176 for an obligation-free quote that includes buying and selling service that works on behalf and in the best interest of the client.

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