Car Selling Services

Car Selling Services

Our car selling service provides:

  • Car valuations

    Based on the details and condition of your car we research and source current industry values and assesses current similar car listed for sale to provide an estimated private sale price and an estimated trade-in price for your car.

  • Selling advice

    Based on the estimated valuation we provide advice on the best way to sell your car when also buying another, private sale or trade-in, which ever produces the best outcome and changeover price for the client.

  • Selling Price

    Our estimated valuation provides the basis to setting the right price for a successful private sale that reflects its age, conditions and specifications relative to the demand of the market and its competitive car listings.

  • Checklists

    Advice and a checklist in preparing your car for sale that maximizes its appeal.

  • Service providers

    Connections with Automotive Service providers that can assist you getting your car ready for sale including mechanical services, Road Worthy Certificates, detailing, dent removal, scratch repairs and more.

  • Advertising Campaign

    Choosing the best car selling sites that attract the right buyers for your passenger car, SUV or wagon including Carsales, Gumtree, Trading Post etc.. In addition, tailored marketing packages can be designed to sell your exotic, unique, rare passenger and classic sports cars which include Unique Car magazines, Car Club websites & magazines and club car shows.

  • Ad preparation

    Preparation, creation of all advertising, taking of quality car photos, writing, pricing and publishing ads. Ongoing monitoring, updating and administration of ads.

  • Client Reporting

    Regular Client reporting on the level of enquiry and performance of ads including analysis of similar car sales in the market.

  • Buyer interactions

    Dealing with and screening all potential and genuine car buyer enquiries, arranging and facilitating car inspections, liaising between parties, negotiating and finalising the car sale on behalf of the client.

  • Paper work

    Preparing and completing all paper work necessary for sale including Contracts of Sale, Vic Roads Transfer of Registration and Stamp Duty, Road Worthy Certificate and service history records to ensure the sale process is simple and seamless for the client.

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