Car Buying Guide for a New Car Owner

Buying a car is one of the most important decisions that anyone can make at some point in their lives. Next to buying a house it is the second  biggest financial outlay for most people. Buying a car is not just about funding the purchase price but consideration should be made for the whole ownership experience and the costs associated during the life of the car.  This is why it’s important to have enough money set aside for other factors such as insurance, potential cost of maintenance and fuel before deciding to make this huge decision. If it’s your first time buying a [...]

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What 6 things should I Know Before Buying My First Car?

You’ve finally reached the point in your life when you’re ready to own a car. It could be your first one or it’s been a while since you bought one and  probably need to replace your old car with a new one. However, you should know that a car doesn’t come cheap. Apart from the amount you’ll pay upfront to own one, there is the ongoing maintenance, registration and insurance cannot be overlooked. That’s why you need to plan ahead first. If you woke up in the morning and just decided to get a car, you should reconsider your decision. A rushed, spontaneous [...]

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Tips to Get the Most Money When Selling Your Car

When it’s time to sell your car, it’s always a good idea to explore multiple avenues and potential buyers in order to make the most money on your vehicle. If you take the first offer that comes your way, you may be missing out on some serious cash for your vehicle. Getting your vehicle prepared for sale sounds more difficult than it actually is. At My Next Car Buying Advocacy, we know just what it takes to sell your car for top dollar. We offer services and packages to help you sell your vehicle for the maximum price. To help you get started with [...]

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Buying A Car? Signs a Vehicle Has Mechanical Issues

If you’re not mechanically-savvy, you may unknowingly purchase a used vehicle with severe issues. Whether the problem is obvious or not, car troubles can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. By understanding some of the most common signs of vehicle problems, you can avoid making the costly mistake of buying a car with potentially serious mechanical issues. At My Next Car Buying Advocacy, we believe in helping all of our clients have an enjoyable, stress-free car buying experience. By offering the tools and resources that buyers need to navigate buying a car, we’re helping our clients succeed. Here are some of the top [...]

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4 Important Things To Consider When Buying a New Car

Buying a car is a large investment. For most people it is the second biggest investment next to buying a home. If you’re not prepared, the entire process can become overwhelming and difficult. Purchasing a new car should be a fun and exciting time, and we’re here to help you prepare for the process. There’s a lot that goes into buying a new car, from initial research to driving the car off the lot.At My Next Car Buying Advocacy, we believe in providing exceptional service when helping you find your next car. By partnering with you on every step of the car buying process, [...]

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Top New Cars in 2019

2019 is set to release incredible cars from the most popular brands around the world. From sport utility vehicles to ultra high-end luxury cars, we are excited to see what the new year brings. Every year, brands release information about what new cards will be available for the following year. With so many 2019 models currently available and releasing soon, it’s difficult to decide what new car might be right for you. Here are our picks for the top new cars in 2019 and what you should know about these incredible vehicles. Aston Martin Vantage Jumping to the ultra-high end of the vehicle [...]

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Should You Buy an Repairable Write-off Car

Buying a new car typically isn’t cheap, which is why so many Australians turn to used vehicles for their next car purchase. A used car often means a much lower price without sacrificing much on quality. Used cars can come in conditions that range from “ like-new” to “repairable write-off”,  meaning there’s a lot of choices for consumers in the market for a new vehicle. In your used car search you may come across vehicles that are labelled as ‘repairable write-off.’ Repairable write-off, sometimes also known as “economic write-off”. It is determined by the insurance companies who assess that, when the vehicle’s salvage value [...]

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5 Easy Steps to Saving Thousands on Your Next Car Purchase

Are you in the market for a new car? Purchasing a new car is often one of the most stressful and expensive transactions that you can encounter. To save money on your next car purchase, keep these five easy steps in mind and keep more money in your pocket. 01. Discuss Your Needs with Multiple Dealers It’s no secret that the Internet has made purchasing a new car all that more simpler. Contacting and working with a number of car dealerships and comparing prices online provides you with powerful knowledge, facts and figures. This will ultimately provide you with more more leverage when [...]

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Top Car Brands that Hold Their Value Longest

Buying a car is always a fun and exciting time.  Researching cars, going to visit a dealer, and taking cars out for a test drive are all fun parts of the car buying process.  When you’re interested in purchasing a car, you may be focused on the purchase price of the vehicle. What you also should consider is the future value of your vehicle as part of the buying process.  Buying a car, next to buying a house, is the second biggest investment decision for most people. Therefore, choosing a car that will hold its value over time is a wise decision. Here are [...]

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