Will Aussies want to buy an imported AWD Holden Commodore in 2018?

All the pictures of the upcoming first fully imported Holden Commodore in magazines don’t prepare you for seeing it in the flesh. The demise and closure of manufacturing in Australia is a sad thing and plenty has been said on the impact it will have on the wider suppliers and industry. All true.

What does this mean for the average Aussie motorist?

More choice and more models . The untapped basket of goodies we were never allowed to get our hands on. Loyal Holden fans and generations of families who have owned the rear drive family hauler may not see it that way. There are so many memories of the Aussie built Holden icon being edged into our DNA.

For some relating to an imported Vauxhall or Chevrolet product with no rear drive options in sight maybe too high a mountain to climb. However, optimism is the name of the game atMy Next Car Buying Advocacy. Aussies have a world wide reputation of being “early adopters” when it comes to embracing and taking up technology. Could you imagine 5 years ago hearing a conversation about the much anticipated release of a Korean rear drive family sedan with a twin turbo V6 that could do zero to 100kph in sub 5 secs and have a 7 year warranty. Its here, its called the Kia Stinger GT and people are buying it. So for those early adopters and the general car buying public, here is a sneek peek of the upcoming Holden Commodore AWD VXR spotted by MNCBA recently in Melbourne. An registered “pre-release 2018 engineering mule” currently being tested.

First impressions of the new Commodore VXR, it is much more imposing in the flesh that pictures can do justice. The European theme of saloon hatchback as found in the Audi A5 Sportsback and the new Volkswagen Arteon is displayed adding flexibility in loading that a Commodore sedan previously lacked. In addition, glimpses of the interior in this top of the range model showed a high quality finish and spaciousness. Managed to catch the driver as he opened the door and asked what he thought of it. “Holden buyers are going to love the AWD it drives and feels fantastic on the road!” We will have to wait and see. What do you think? Till next time. “May your drive be a good drive!”. #carbuying #holden #commodore #vxr #sneekpeek #firstimpressions #mynextcarbuying

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