The definition of transport is carrying people from one place to another via a vehicle.

Driving is defined as operating and controlling the speed and direction of a vehicle.

Driving to me is much more than just transport and operation.  It’s about owning a car that fully meets your needs and purpose of use and you feel an emotional connection to it.

It reflects a bit of me and what I enjoy and value in the driving experience. Every time I drive it’s not about getting to a location but it’s another journey and driving experience. It’s about another chance to connect with my car.

How you connect with your car differs in many ways with different people.

When I help clients find the right car for their needs I explore what connects people to a car.

My wife is not into cars. If I start talking cars, I’ve lost her in the first 5 secs. Yet she has a connection to a car even if she doesn’t realise it. She knows what she doesn’t like when the cars too big, hard to park, not easy to see out of and feels uncomfortable driving a car. She is not connected to her car. 

So, I would need to find a car that will make her comfortable in her driving experience so she feels connected in her own way driving A to B.

Just recently, I spoke to a elderly female client who is intending to buy a new car. She is downsizing to an SUV. She had just test driven a Mercedes-Benz CLA43. She loved the car and I asked her what she really liked about it. She said” I like it’s looks, the way it drove but most of all the sound of that engine.”

We all connect with our cars just in different ways.

That’s the key ? to finding the right car for me. Understanding and connecting with my clients.

Advising and guiding them so I can articulate their car needs now and into the future. That way they will stay connected to their car throughout the ownership experience.

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