My wife and I sought the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy to buy our first family car. We had a bad experience trying to find a car the year before and decided we would not get burned again by buying a dud.

Little did I know what we would be in for. Richard opened my eyes to things I never realized, and taught me so much throughout the whole experience. The way he broke down the options and helped us identify what was important to us was really inspiring. Not only did it make our lives easier, we also ended up with the perfect car, and one we never would have bought without Richard’s guidance.

I can honestly say, without Richard, I would have messed up again; as I almost bought another car that would not have suited our needs at all. In the end, our salesman took some money off the car and looked me square in the eye as he said ‘I would not be taking a cent off this car if it weren’t for this man’, he then pointed to Richard. That cash we got off paid for Richard’s fee, so in our case (but I’m sure not every case) the entire service was free.


We will be coming back within the year to purchase our next car, because I know Richard will deliver the same exceptional service once again; and that there is no way we will end up with the perfect car again without his guidance and eye for detail.

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