As I had been unable to negotiate a fair and realistic valuation from several dealerships for my Toyota Prado, I decided to sell the car privately.

Through a personal friend I contacted Richard Lipinski of My Next Car Buying Advocacy,explained my situation and arranged a meeting to discuss with him how he would conduct the sale and what I could expect. An avid car enthusiast, Richard’s knowledge and understanding of the car market, the selling process and the legal requirements to ensure satisfaction for all parties was exemplary. He had my complete confidence of a successful outcome even before he finished his presentation.

Part of the meeting required completion of documentation to facilitate Richard’s acting on my behalf and expediting the sale. Richard had everything prepared, ready for me to read and sign. With each document he explained its purpose so that I understood each step of the process, and that the sale would be conducted with honesty and integrity. I left Richard’s office that afternoon confident I would receive a fair price for my car.

A consummate professional, Richard arranged for the car to be roadworthied, detailed and stored near his residence so prospective buyers could see and test drive the car easily. He prepared a video, promotional photographs of the car and advertised the vehicle on the web to maximise exposure.

Within days of listing the car, buyers were phoning to see and test drive it.Great, the strategies Richard initiated were promoting interest. Several times a week Richard would ring and update me with the progress of the sale, and if in his view we needed to modify our approach. I always trusted his judgement.

It took only 3 weeks to effect the sale of the car,which was then transferred to the new owners once full payment was received in our bank account.

This outcome was amazing! The process for us had been seamless!

Richard’s professionalism took all the hassles out of dealing with car salesmen and the general public. Plus, we received a net figure almost 50% more than dealerships offered.

We are most appreciative of what Richard was able to achieve for us, and have no hesitation in giving him and My Next Car Buying Advocacy the highest recommendation to others who may need his “Goldstar” services.

Leigh and Barb

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