2023 is a pretty exciting year for students who are leaving the nest to go and pursue their studies. Covid lockdowns are over, resulting in more face to face learning returning and the requirement for many to need to buy their first car to go to their educational institution. 

As a student, life can be pretty tough because you are always on a very tight budget and often have a lot of travelling to do as you attempt to complete your studies, earn an income through a part-time and maintain a social life.

Most students and parents, who usually help fund the purchase and running costs of the first car for their children, would have a common purchasing criteria. Usually, the preference for a  smaller vehicle that can easily fit into parking lots, that is fuel efficient, reliable, has low maintenance cost and that doesn’t have high insurance premiums. 

First car usually means first time driver, so even with a lower budget, safety aids in a car should have a priority in your purchase.  Push your budget to so apart from Airbags,  ABS braking & Traction Control your first car includes  “Electronic Stability Control (ESC)” as an important safety feature. It helps drivers stay in control and avoid crashes when swerving or skidding.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best cars that busy students should consider in their car shopping list that would tick first car purchasing criteria on a tight budget.

Hyundai i20 & i30

The Hyundai i20 & i30 have proven to be perfect student cars with proven reliability over time and both offer good all round drivability. The i20 is smaller, more compact, easy to park and maneuver. The bigger i30 Hatch offers good performance and more space. Both offer good fuel  efficiency for their size and take 91RON petrol. 

Insurance companies are willing to cover these at a reasonable cost and it is perfect for short and long-distance drives. It can be a great car for students but you should be aware that the i20 boot capacity is smaller.

The Toyota Yaris & Corolla

Toyota’s Yaris & Corolla models have been popular amongst students as they offer bulletproof reliability and longevity in the ownership experience. Toyota service costs and parts are low and affordable. Regular maintenance is always recommended but longevity even when neglected has shown these cars to be a very good ownership experience and account for their high demand. 

To this very day, this model is still an excellent vehicle for small families and students. The modern Yaris & Corollas might be a bit pricey compared to their competition. Relatively, your buying budget might buy an older car compared to its competition but they look good, are known to be very reliable, offers good all round handling and are small enough for comfortable rides in busy cities. Boot space is a bit smaller compared to its competition.

The Kia Cerato

Kia Cerato has gained a lot of popularity these past few years because of their affordable price and stylish overall look. The first manufacturer to offer a 7 year warranty and back their product.  It is an  excellent all rounder, easy to drive, good vision which is reliable, easy to service and maintain. Good boot space for its class. Later models offer Apple Carplay and in a tight budget may still offer some remaining factory warranty.

The Mazda 2 & 3

Mazda 2 & 3 offer excellent reliability and over the years have been class leading in design, build and drivability. A bit more driver focused and enjoyable to drive than their competition. The smaller Mazda 2 is more compact and less powerful but offers first time drivers good vision, easy and zippy driving and easy parking with a length close to 4 metres.

The Mazda 3 a medium Hatch or Sedan has been top of its class in Australia for many years and as used proposition provides an assured, planted driving experience. These vehicles have terrific safety ratings, they offer great handling, they are fuel-efficient, and superb for anyone who is looking for an affordable used but reliable vehicle.

The Suzuki Swift

Suzuki isn’t the cheapest car brand on the market but their Swift is still popular amongst youths because it is stylish, comfortable, very reliable, and surprisingly spacious. These tiny cars are perfect for commuting to the university and can be a great investment for anyone who wants something trendy. 

Finding the perfect car for a student can be tricky. If you are still not certain about what to choose or cannot seem to find one of these vehicles in good condition then you should give My Car Buying Advocacy a call. These specialists will consider all of your vehicle needs and can then connect you with all the best vehicles at the best possible prices. 

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