Shopping methods for clothes, accessories, and just about everything else have changed a lot over the past decade. So why haven’t our vehicle shopping methods adapted just yet? 

Most people are still following the same traditional method to acquire a new car. You spend hours scouring through scales of available vehicles until your mind is reeling with the endless options. After being blown away by choice options, you decide on a car (some might even flip a coin to help speed up the decision-making process). A quick test drive follows and then you are heading out to the office to get the paperwork signed.

The result of this type of purchase method? Most people end up with a car that doesn’t suit their exact needs and a whole bunch of issues surface only after signing off on the purchase agreements.

It is time to take your vehicle shopping methods to a whole new level and the best way to do this is by asking for help from a car-buying advocacy.

What is a Car Buying Advocate?

A car advocate is someone who dives in deep, takes the time to understand and access your vehicle needs, budget, and preferences.  They then do all the hard work to find the best possible match. Our advocates can assist with new or used vehicle purchases and they take care of several time-consuming tasks for you.

Best Reasons To Use a Car Buying Advocacy

There are a great many reasons to use a buying advocacy to locate the perfect car in 2024. 

Trying to work out yourself what is the best car to buy can be daunting and confusing. As a result, many people end up buying the wrong car that doesn’t actually suit all their needs.

Let’s explore some of the best reasons to switch over to this modern shopping method.

  • Find the vehicle that suits your every need in terms of safety, driving comfort, style, driving terrain, fuel efficiency, and passenger count.
  • Get the best possible new or used vehicle within your budget range.
  • Get expert help with test drives and recommend vehicle inspections so you won’t end up with a car that has mechanical issues.
  • Save lots of time searching for the right vehicle and avoid decision fatigue. 

How to Use a Car Advocacy to Find a Vehicle?

It is very easy to make use of car-buying advocates. All you need to do is give the company a call, leave an enquiry on their website or send an email. Here is a quick look at the steps and process for using this type of advocacy.

An Advocacy service like My Next Car Buying Advocacy will take the time to really understand what you need in your next new or used car that will suit your lifestyle, priorities and budget.

  • It will undertake an in-depth face to face client needs analysis discussion. This will involve  exploring and understanding a client’s lifestyle habits, family size, driving terrain, budget, and personal taste. This information will make it possible for buying advocates to identify the type of car that suits your needs and personal tastes. 
  • After contacting the Advocate, you can simply sit back and wait. The Advocate will come back to you to discuss and identify the best car for your needs. The advocate will seek through numerous markets and individual buyers to locate a car that matches all of your needs in the Private and Dealer market, whichever is the best outcome for the client.
  • When a few suitable vehicles are located, you will be contacted and presented with the best possible options. Then together with the advice and guidance of the Advocate you can make the final decision on which car to purchase.
  • Once you decide, the advocacy will go into further detail. They can then proceed and do a test drive and vehicle inspection, additionally, arrange a third party Pre-Purchase Inspection, to ensure that the vehicle is still in excellent shape.
  • If the chosen vehicle is a good option, the Advocate will proceed and assist with the purchasing and ownership transferral process. This includes taking care of the paperwork and checks of the buying process for you.

Find Your Dream Car Now

If you are upgrading your ride in 2024 then you should give My Next Car Buying Advocacy a call. 

They will save a client time and money by matching and sourcing the best new and used cars for their needs. Taking advantage of the depreciation of pre-owned vehicles and getting clients the best car for their money.

Combined with their knowledge, research and understanding of your car needs they will find and buy on your behalf, the”Right Car” for you and your family at the “Right Price” that will suit your budget.

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