Richard helped me to buy my car,a Mazda CX5 during the COVID lockdown. It was a long and drawn-out process due to the obvious- none of us could go far, certainly not to buy a new car!

During this time, Richard regularly kept me updated on the market and if he’d seen many cars like the one, we agreed would fit my and my family’s needs.

Once lockdown was relaxed, Richard was able to provide me with regular updates and it didn’t take him long to find the car that is perfect for me and for driving the kids.

It is safe, spacious, reliable and modern. We all love it. I didn’t need to worry about any paperwork, transfer of ownership etc. Richard helped me with all of it. I had the utmost of trust in Richard. He is reliable and honest and the experience in him buying me a car was the opposite of going through a car dealer. The experience was so seamless and easy.

Richard and the services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy also sold my car, a Mazda 3. Again, seamless. I didn’t need to take calls from anyone looking for a bargain or wanting to see my car and then not showing up.

Thank you, Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy.

We all love the car you found for us.

I would use your service again and again!

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