After spending the last 2 years realising, I finally needed to buy my own car, I had no idea how to navigate the sales reps at the dealerships or private sellers, what to look out for when test driving cars or how to negotiate prices. After doing some research online I found Richard and My Next Car Buying Advocacy and once I got in touch with him,I knew I could trust him to help me find the perfect car.

Having always lived in close proximity to public transport and the city, and subsequently because of that, a lack of driving experience, we came to an agreement that safety was the priority. We narrowed the choice of car down to a Mazda 3 2021 hatchback which includes the ‘safety suite’ such as blind spot monitoring, heads up display and lane assist.

Within a week of making the decision to buy a Mazda 3 Richard had found a car with less than 5000km, test driven the car and negotiated the price down to within my budget.

It was such an incredibly easy process and as soon as I sat in the car and drove away, I knew immediately it was the right car for me. Every time I get in the car, I feel safe and confident which is very important to me.

Thank you so much Richard.

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