If you have a used vehicle you need to sell, you may be wondering about the best way of making the sale. The easy way is to trade-it into a Dealer when looking to buy your new car. It takes little effort but you will get a far lower selling price for your car. After all the Dealer will want to make a profit off your car when he on sells it. 

Selling your car privately will maximise your selling price, however, the process takes a lot more effort and expertise. Selling a used car can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience and can prove to be a big problem for those who have busy lives and many commitments. However, most people require to sell their car as part of their car buying process. The equity from the sale of the car forms a necessary financial component needed to make room for a new vehicle. Alternatively, you may need to get some cash together from your vehicle sale for other purposes, like a deposit for a house, and so it’s something that you have to persevere with.

One thing that some people question is whether it is worth using a car broker to help purchase used vehicles. Car brokers are specialists when it comes to car buying and they have resources, links, and the expertise to ensure a successful sale with speed and efficiency.

Did you know that you can use a Broker- Car Selling Advocacy Service as an alternative route for those seriously considering selling the vehicle and get a fair price with minimal hassle. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why getting professional help for your next car purchase is a great idea.

Saving You Time

One of the benefits of using these professionals is that it can save you a huge amount of time. Selling a car yourself privately can take a huge amount of time and can become a frustrating process. 

If you have other commitments, such as family, work or even your precious leisure time and your weekends, it is probably time that you can do without wasting. Particularly if you do not even secure a sale at the end of it all. You will need to prepare the car for sale, arrange potential mechanical repairs, detail the car, prepare service records, take photos, write an Ad, publish it, deal with the lowballer offers, time wasters, no shows, all the hassles of negotiating and trying to seal a deal. 

The selling process requires you to understand your legal selling requirement, associated paperwork,  legal contracts and Road Worthy Obligations. By using a  Broker- Car Selling Advocate to sell your car for you, it will save you a lot of time and enable you to turn to experts in order to ensure a successful sale.

Getting a Fair Price

Naturally, you want to get a fair price when it comes to selling your vehicle, but this can be difficult if you are selling yourself and have no negotiation skills. 

Knowledge is power, understanding what is the true value of your particular car compared to the competition requires research from various sources. Sometimes, people make really low offers, and you may be tempted to simply accept them to avoid problems or speed things up.

If you understand what is the fair value of your car in the current market your selling with your options, kilometres and age, you are then in the best position to accept or know when to reject an offer with confidence. If you don’t then end up with the risk of getting far less than the vehicle is worth. A Broker-Car Selling Advocate can find out the true value of the vehicle and can help to ensure you get a fair price for it.  

Getting the Vehicle Prepared

It is important to ensure your vehicle is properly prepared for sale before you advertise, as this can have a big impact on success levels. However, some people have no idea of what they need to do, and many do not have the time to do this. A Broker- Car Selling Advocate will have links to auto service professionals that can get the car prepared for ease, which will boost the chances of a successful sale at the right price.

Advertising and Monitoring

One of the other things that a professional can do is to ensure proper advertising of your vehicle using platforms such as Carsales etc.., taking the best photos & videos in locations that highlight your car, writing the best Ads by telling potential buyers everything about your car and history. These strategies and skills will give you the best chance of potential buyers coming to see your car as opposed to others and therefore most likely to get results. In addition, they will monitor the ads and enquiries, check the performance of the ads, and provide details on enquiries about the vehicle. They even deal with the paperwork involved in the sale, which means less work for you.

Speak to Our Experts

If you have a car to sell and you want to get a fair price and an efficient, speedy sale, speak to the team at My Next Car Buying Advocacy. We offer a boutique service similar to a car broker but with a more personalised focus. We offer a range of car selling and buying packages and are with you every step of the way to achieving the result you want with your car at the right price.

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