Buying a car is a big decision – not only is it a large purchase but you need to choose something that will keep you and your family safe, and will suit all of your needs. It can be difficult to decide on a car, especially with the immense amount of time it takes to research all of your options, negotiate with sellers, and inspect vehicles.

Additionally, inspecting a car for damage or mechanical faults is important but can be difficult for the untrained eye! We have compiled the following five things to consider when buying a new car to help you in this process.

1. Price and Budget

One of the first things people need to consider when purchasing a new car is their budget. This can determine the choice between new or pre-owned cars. Some sellers may also be open to negotiate the asking price.

Another thing to consider is the car itself – does it need repairs or does it have costly maintenance needs? Some cars are more fuel efficient, more reliable than others with cost of servicing and parts varying significantly between brands. There is a price difference between cars that take diesel, unleaded fuel, are hybrid or fully electric.

2. Safety

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a car to purchase is safety. Cars go through rigorous safety testing and each model has its own safety rating. A 5Star ANCAP Rating is always preferable but it is important to remember that this is a standard that keeps moving up in time.

A 5 Star ANCAP car rated 5- 10 years ago may be equivalent to a much lower rating now. It is important to research this and find a car with the highest safety rating available to suit your needs and budget.

3. New or Pre-owned?

Another thing to consider is whether you want to purchase new or pre-owned vehicles.

New vehicles tend to be more expensive but will have all of the newest features, no mechanical issues, extremely low kms and a full or balance of near new factory warranty.

Alternatively, pre-owned cars are drastically more affordable, however may need some maintenance or repairs – and it is important to consider their ownership and service history.

In addition, pre-owned older used cars may also not have the same array of safety & driving aids and infotainment technology as new cars. When deciding it may be a good idea to think about how long you see yourself driving the car before upgrading.

4. Car History

When purchasing a pre-owned car it is important to have information about its history.

Ideally a car should be accident free, have a roadworthy certificate, and passed a PPSR check. It is also important to know its maintenance, accident and service history. These are important things to know about when buying a car to ensure you are making a fully informed purchase.

5. Your Individual Needs

There are many factors that should be considered relating to your individual needs.

For example; manual or automatic transmission; size of car/how many seats; storage space & towing capacity; safety requirements- what must have suite of aids are essential, 4wd or 2wd; how long you intend to use the car; type of fuel – petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric etc.

Often people are overwhelmed by the amount of options available so they end up choosing something that doesn’t completely suit their needs.

Currently, the Covid affected car market has distorted the supply and prices of new and used cars. This has been affected by a combination of issues such as the disruption to supply chains for cars and parts and the shortage of semiconductors. Buying a car can be more stressful as new car availability is at a all time low with long waiting times and used car prices are at an all time high.

You have to consider entering into the car market with flexibility and have a Plan A and a Plan B to get the best result to match your buying needs and budget.

Buying a new car can be an overwhelming experience – there are a lot of important things to consider. It can also be a very time consuming experience. We recommend considering “My Next Car Buying Advocacy” for assistance with your car buying advocacy services. We can take all of the hard work out of buying your next car so you can focus on the things most important to you. Feel free to contact us for a free quote on 0402 386 176!

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