Some drivers consider the skill required to drive well as one that comes naturally. There are, however, many people who are not quite as fond of driving. Some may describe them as A to B drivers that have little interest in driving and merely see a car as an alternative form of transport. 

The driving experience can be a very stressful experience for some people, especially those who have been in a road accident, those with anxiety, and people who have a tough time concentrating or are easily distracted.. You might also dislike driving if you don’t consider yourself good at it and have a hard time controlling a vehicle or some of the components inside the vehicle. If you don’t like to drive or are afraid of driving then a more suitable vehicle can be a great help. 

If you want to find a vehicle that is going to help you change the way you feel about driving, give you greater confidence in the driving experience then you should look for a car with some of the following features..

Advanced Safety Features

One of the main reasons you might hate driving is out of fear. Driving is a pretty dangerous activity and the right safety features can greatly reduce your chances of getting into an accident or of getting injured when you make a mistake. For people who are afraid of driving, it is best to find a car that has as many safety features and aids that will assist them passively while driving to potentially avoid accidents.

Safety aids such as multiple airbags, ABS Braking, a backup camera with 360 degree vision, parking sensors, Self Parking- Automated Steering Aid, Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) High and low Speed, Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), Lane Departure Warning & Assist ( LDW) (LDA), Rear Cross Traffic Alert & Braking (RCTA), Active Cruise Control (ACC), Driver Attention Detection,Traction Control (TC) and  HillHold. These safety features are passive systems that can activate while driving to help prevent accidents and help keep you be and feel safer while driving.

Driver Comfort Features

Sitting behind a steering wheel for long hours on end can be mentally and physically exhausting. If driving always makes you feel stiff and sore then it is time to get a car that has more comfort and adjustable features for the driver. It is best to invest in a car with a ceiling that is high enough so you can sit upright with ease. An adjustable seat height can also be a huge help for people who are exceptionally tall or short. You can also look for a car with a curved backrest, lots of seat padding, and a bit of extra width because these features can help reduce back pain.

Good vision is another important element of feeling safe while driving and gives you confidence in being aware of your surroundings. A and B pillars positioning and width can vary between cars and can create blindspots in certain circumstances. Other features like climate control or built-in seat warmers can also ease some pain while you are traveling. A warm, comfortable and relaxed Driver is a safer driver.

Avoid Overly Large Vehicles

Driving a tiny car can feel a bit uncomfortable, especially if you are tall and have a tough time fitting into the seat. If you dislike driving then you should, however, avoid a large and bulky vehicle. Larger vehicles are typically a lot harder to fit into parking lots and can be challenging to maneuver on narrow streets. A small car will be a lot easier to handle and is much more ideal for short trips.

User-Friendly Interface

It can sometimes be difficult to control car features like your radio, GPS, and temperature while you are maneuvering your car through busy traffic. User-friendly tech features like 3D navigation, an advanced Wifi system, smart touchscreen radio, and automatic climate control can make it much easier to control all of these additional aspects while you need to stay focused on the road. These types of advanced tech systems will also reduce your risk of getting lost and can make you feel much more at ease while traveling to unknown destinations or when you are trying out new routes.

There is also the importance of finding a car that strikes the right balance of technology that aids and does not distract drivers.

 How user friendly are the technology and infotainment systems? Are there multiple interfaces that you need to go through while driving to control basic functions like volume, wipers, air-conditioning? Is the Speedometer easily seen or do you need to look away from the road to get important information? Are there a lack of physical buttons in the design of the car? 

Some new aids like “Head-up Display” provide Speed, Navigation and warnings information ahead of you without taking your eyes off the road.  These types of aids are less likely to distract and aid driver concentration while driving. This potentially can provide greater confidence to a nervous or anxious driver in their car and driving experience.

Contact A Car Buying Advocate For Support

Finding a car that has all of these comfort driving features can be difficult. At My Next Car Buying Advocacy, we can help you find a vehicle that has all of these features and that matches your budget and personal needs perfectly. With our Advocacy service, you are sure to feel much better in those times when you have no choice but to drive. 

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