Online shopping has become a normal buying method that we rely on for anything that might not be readily available. It is also quite fun to scour the web for goodies like gifts, clothes, and homeware items. 

If you love the thrill of online shopping then you might wonder about the possibility of buying a vehicle online. Is it possible to buy a car online? And how do you steer clear of scammers when shopping online? Our car-buying advocates have the best advice.

Can You Safely Buy A Car Online?

The simple answer is, yes, you can buy a car online. The safety of these types of purchasing methods is, however, a whole different story. 

Retail online shopping has been around for a while, it is done by many on a frequent basis, with items generally of lower cost value and risks of loss are lower.  Buying a car is an infrequest transaction in itself, yet further doing it online can be daunting, especially with concerns around safety and security. 

The risks of buying a car online may not be the same if you are buying from a private seller or Dealership / Licenced Motor Trader. You need to approach potential online car purchases with your eyes wide open with the old adage, “ If it’s too good to be true then it probably is.”

Shopping  on your own can be very risky for many reasons including the following:


Online scammers will sometimes advertise non-existent vehicles at an incredibly affordable price. They will put pressure on you to make the initial deposit so they can “keep the vehicle for you” and will then disappear with your deposit. Sometimes referred to as ‘shell-trick-style scams involving the transfer of funds. 

You need to establish the factual truth that a car actually exists. Whether the reason the seller can’t show you the car is because they are currently overseas. With so many individuals advertising their used cars, it can be very challenging to identify scams from sure deals.

Hidden Flaws

Used vehicles can have a lot of hidden flaws that might not be apparent from an online advert or even a video call. You can easily end up with a car that has a lot of mechanical issues if you blindly buy online without taking the vehicle for a test drive.

Personal Preferences

It is impossible to tell what the driving experience of a car will be like until you get behind the steering wheel. With online shopping, you don’t get to test drive the car, you don’t get to sit in the seat, and you don’t get a feel for the handling. You might end up with a vehicle that is mechanically sound but you might just dislike its handling or seating.

Despite these major pitfalls, plenty of people manage to buy a car online and are perfectly happy with their purchase. 

How To Safely Buy a Car Online

If you are buying a car online then it is always best to ask for help from a car-buying advocate. These vehicle experts will help you overcome all the online buying pitfalls. Here’s how they can help.

Reliable Sources

Car buying advocates have a vast amount of network connections with reliable sources and they know exactly how to identify online scammers. The car-buying advocate will locate a reliable seller and vehicle for you so you will unlikely ever be scammed. Some selling sights may be more vulnerable to scammers than others. Free selling sites tend  to attract potential scammers like various online market places. 

Inspection and Testing

Car-buying advocates will also thoroughly inspect the vehicle for you and can even do a test drive on your behalf. They can carry out a PPSR Report that will report whether the car has finance owing, has previously been stolen or is an Economic Repairable Write-off. These experts will look for tell-tale signs that something might be wrong with the vehicle and will ensure that it is mechanically in great condition before advising you to buy.

A Pre- Purchase Inspection can also be arranged to ensure that the car is thoroughly inspected and road tested. It will determine if the vehicle has been in an accident, the quality of the repairs, had previous flood damage, is mechanically sound, has a full service history and regularly maintained.

Tips for Online Buyers 

  • Keep a paperwork trail, transfer of ownership & receipts;
  • Maintain a  log of communication between you and the seller;
  • Request a Vehicle History Report from Carsales;
  • Conduct a PPSR Report;
  • Undertake an extensive test drive of the online vehicle sourced;
  • Organise a Pre-Purchase Inspection by reputable 3rd party provider;
  • Ensure the car is not subject to finance, establish proof of ownership to avoid scams;
  • Research the market, car, model & price. Knowledge is power!
  • If the price is too good to be true, then likely it is and could be a scam!

Accommodates Your Needs And Desire

Advocates are also great at evaluating your transportation needs and personal preferences. They will connect you to a vehicle that suits your needs perfectly and that offers a pleasurable driving experience.

A car advocate is someone who dives in deep, takes the time to understand and access your vehicle needs, budget, personal and family priorities and preferences.  They then do all the hard work to find the best possible match. Advocates can assist with new or used vehicle purchases and they take care of several time-consuming tasks for you in a hassle free way.

Contact A Car Buying Advocate and Get Help

If you don’t have the time to go and physically shop for a new or used car then the best alternative is to contact My Next Car Buying Advocacy. Our experts will eliminate all of the potential risks associated with online shopping. They can also help you find a vehicle that suits your needs perfectly and will assist with the purchasing and delivery arrangements of the vehicle. With a good car-buying advocate, you will be fully satisfied with the vehicle when it is delivered to your property. 

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