Stepping into adulthood can be quite a leap. Many students experience busy schedules, HECs debt and a limited capacity to work. The stress of finding enough money to cover uni fees, accommodation and living expenses can be overwhelming for students and parents. 

Buying the right type of car can be a huge help for students with long commutes, or who are always pressed for time or who might be dealing with a lot of stress. In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best vehicle types that any student will love.

Key Features In Student Vehicles

There are a lot of cheap used cars available on the market but buying a cheap car isn’t always worthwhile. When buying a lower priced car, especially with inexperienced first time buyers, there is a temptation just to look at the upfront price rather than considering the overall cost of ownership. 

Old vehicles have a pretty big chance of breaking down and can be terribly costly to repair. They generally offer less safety features, an important consideration for younger, less experienced drivers.These older vehicles also tend to be very thirsty, less fuel efficient and won’t do much for a young adult’s social status. 

It is much better to invest a little bit more in a newer car that isn’t likely to break down in the next few years, offers good fuel efficiency, yet isn’t too expensive. Many students have to make do with small, or limited parking spaces which means it is usually best to focus on a compact little car. Let’s take a look at Australia’s best vehicle types for students. 

Affordable Small Cars For Students

Surprisingly many stylish little cars come at a very affordable price. It is important when shopping for cars with a smaller budget that you minimize the risk of purchase by ensuring the vehicles have a full service history, are serviced on schedule and come with a Road Worthy Certificate (RWC).  Avoid higher risk cars that may have dodgy repairs or a sketchy history. Cheaper cars relative to others of similar kms and age may be Economic Repairable Write-off’s (ERW) that may expose potential buyers to higher ownership risks with suspect or poor repairs,unknown service and ownership histories.

It may always be worthwhile as part of the potential purchase having a Pre-Purchase Inspection carried out by qualified and expert third party mechanics like, RACV, Repco, VACC, Redbook etc… to give you peace of mind in the purchase. The additional cost is like an insurance policy in the buying process that reduces the risk of you buying a potentially costly lemon of a car.

Here is a quick look at some of the most affordable small cars that students can consider if they have a limited budget of between $10,000- $20,000.

Mazda – A used Mazda 2 or Mazda 3 is a popular choice vehicle as a student or first car. The vehicle brand is also known for its stylish appearance, good build quality and they do tend to be pretty reliable.This is often reflected in their higher resale value compared to other brands.

Toyota – The Toyota Yaris and Toyota Corolla are one of Toyota’s most successful cars around the world. Bulletproof reputation for reliability, endurance and even when servicing is neglected. The right size for easy parking in tight spaces. and maneuverability, Cheap to service, plenty of parts available and easy, fuss free drive.

Suzuki Swift – The Suzuki Swift is one of the most stylish little used cars, less than 4m long and an ideal option for first-time car owners because it is so easy to drive. Suzuki also has a proven reputation for reliability, excellent fuel economy and is a fun, engaging drive. It eats up parking spots and has excellent all round vision.

Honda- The Honda Jazz and Honda Civic are excellent cars and are perfect picks for Uni-students who are looking for something a little bit more stylish.Honda has also aan excellent reputation for build quality and reliability. The Honda Jazz, the more compact size vehicle is arguably the biggest small car you could own with amazing seat flexibility and excellent carrying capacity. Frugal on fuel and offers excellent vision and no fuss motoring. 

Hyundai- The Hyundai i20 and Hyundai i30 are excellent used cars. Fuel efficient, competent all rounders that have proven over time to be an excellent choice for a fuss free and reliable ownership experience. 

Fuel-Efficient Small Cars For Students

Students with a higher car buying budget, that may also study far from home tend to prefer vehicles that are highly fuel-efficient. Let’s take a look at a couple of relatively affordable rides that are very fuel efficient and reliable.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid – This little car is Australia’s most fuel-efficient vehicle since it only needs about 3.3 liters of fuel for a 100 km drive. The Yaris is also very compact and ideal for tiny parking spaces.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid – The Toyota Corolla has a 4.0l/100km fuel ratio and it is one of the most popular vehicles among students since it does have surprisingly much space for such a small car. These vehicles are also pretty affordable. 

Get Expert Help From A Car Buying Advocate

If you need help finding the right vehicle for your child then we welcome you to give My Next Car Buying Advocacy a call. We can guide you towards the most suitable vehicle brands and models and will help you find the most affordable vehicles at the best possible price. 

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