If you are looking to purchase a vehicle this year, one of the things you must decide is whether you want to get a brand-new or a used vehicle. Many people decide to go for a used car and this can be for a range of reasons. One of the key reasons behind this is that it is far more affordable as long as the vehicle you buy is in good condition and won’t turn into a costly and dangerous nightmare in next to no time.

Many of those who are considering a used car purchase have no idea what they should look for, and some are unsure what sort of used vehicle to buy. When you purchase a used vehicle, you can benefit in many ways such as avoiding large depreciation which has already occurred in the first few years of leaving the showroom floor. 

Also reducing costs such a Dealership delivery fee and Luxury Car Taxes which are one off cost when purchasing a new car. Avoiding the niggly issues that may also occur early during the warranty period which the previous owner has already dealt. Enjoying a huge choice of used vehicles that may have a range of expensive options when new that can be purchased at significantly lower cost.

However, it can help to have experts on hand to assist with this type of important purchase. There are professionals that can help, but it can help to know what to look for. In this article, we will have a look at some of the key factors to consider when buying a used vehicle.

Making the Right Choice

There are a number of very important factors that you should consider if you are looking to purchase a used vehicle in 2022 and beyond. Some of the main ones are: 

The Suitability of the Vehicle

One of the things that you clearly need to consider is how suitable the vehicle is for your specific needs. Some people are happy with any car as long as it is in good condition and safe. Some want something more specific such as a family vehicle or a sporty number. 

However, to get the best outcome on your purchase you need to examine your lifestyle and potential changing needs. Consider load space, practicality, safety features, economy, running and maintenance costs. Ideally you want to buy a car that is going to match your needs that may change during your ownership period. So, when you are looking at used cars for sale, make sure you consider your own needs and preferences to ensure it is suited to your needs.

Service History

A very good Service History is essential when considering buying a used car, especially when it no longer is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. 

Regular and scheduled servicing to the manufacturer’s specifications reduces long term problems from skipped or delayed servicing. Common long term issues can occur when automatic transmission services or timing belt services are delayed or skipped  can cause expensive and catastrophic failures to the new owner if not checked.

You want to ensure the used car you are considering purchasing has been looked after and that it has a proven record of being serviced and cared for. If you do not have the mechanical knowledge you can also request Pre- Purchase Inspections from third party providers. They can provide an accurate assessment of the condition of the vehicle, including crash repairs and any underlying or future issues beyond a Road Worthy Certificate. 

This will make it easier for you to ensure you buy a car that is in good condition, safe and reliable, and has not been part of a dodgy past such as being involved in serious accidents. Make sure the services have been carried out by professionals and stamped by reputable experts who have carried out the work.

Condition of the Car

The condition of the vehicle also needs to be taken into consideration, and you should avoid the temptation to focus purely on the aesthetics. A lot of people look at the exterior condition and don’t pay much attention to the rest. Often mechanical repairs are not as costly as interiors that are neglected and are costly to replace or repair.The most important thing you need to ensure is that the key components of the vehicle such as the engine, brakes, gears, and other vital parts are in good condition. The use of a Pre-purchase inspection service can give you peace of mind and also avoid you buying a potential lemon of a car.

Cost of the Vehicle

Naturally, you need to ensure you consider the cost of the used vehicle, as it needs to fit in with your budget and finances. 

Sometimes potential buyers can have a budget that is too low and do not consider the ongoing ownership experience and cost of maintaining a car beyond purchase. Sometimes it can be a false saving buying a very old, high kilometre used car, as the repair costs of breakdowns and failures can quickly add up to close to the original cost of the used car. 

Sometimes stretching the budget up front will enable a buyer to get a newer, lower kilometre and more reliable, safer car that will save them money. It more likely will provide them a better ownership experience with lower ownership costs. Work out what you can afford to spend not just at the purchase point but over your ownership period beforehand so that you can focus on vehicles that are within your set budget. 

You should then try to find a vehicle that is both within your price range and suited to your needs. Of course, it should also be in good condition, properly serviced and cared for, and without any prior suspect history.

Turn to Experts

Buying a used car can be an involved and daunting process, but you can get help from the experts at My Next Car buying Advocacy. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about the services we offer.

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