Huge numbers of people looking to purchase a vehicle decide to go for a used car rather than a brand-new one these days. There are many reasons people decide to do this, such as the costs involved, the choice available, and other factors. If you are looking to buy a used vehicle, you can get some really good deals and you can find the car that is perfect for you at the right price with a little help.

Of course, there are disadvantages to buying a used car rather than a brand-new one, and this is something that you need to bear in mind if you decide to take this route. Of course, you should not let potential issues put you off going for a used car – you just need to find a solution that will reduce the risks for you. In this article, we will look at some common problems with buying a new car and we will look at how you can find an effective solution.

Some of the Problems You Need to Keep in Mind

It is important to keep potential issues in mind when it comes to buying a new car, as this will enable you to be better prepared. Some of the problems you may experience include:

History of the Vehicle

One of the issues that can arise is in terms of the history of the vehicle. When you are buying a used car, you are basically putting your trust in the seller with regard to the history of the vehicle. You may think you are buying a great car with one previous and very careful owner whereas, in reality, it may be a car that vehicles’ involved in a serious accident in the past. In Australia, various State Governments have stopped the practice of “rebirthing vehicles”. These are vehicles that have been written-off by an insurer that can no longer be sold at auctions.

Some States, like Victoria still allow “Economic Repairable Write-offs” to be sold as long as strict conditions and standard of repair are adhered, VicRoads assess it, passes a Vehicle Identity Validation (VIV) inspection and allows re- registration. 

There are inherent risks if you make the wrong choices and do not look into the history of the vehicle. A PPSR Report can be obtained at a small cost through VicRoads before purchasing a used car that will indicate whether a vehicle has been previously stolen, has outstanding finance on the vehicle or if it is a repairable write-off.

Condition of the Car

Another issue that can arise is not really knowing the condition of the vehicle before you buy. While the car may look really nice and appealing, if you have no knowledge of mechanics and cars, you have no real idea what the condition of the engine and other major parts are like. 

Does the car have previous body damage in an accident? Has it been affected by any water damage in storms? Does it have a complete mechanical service history and serviced on schedule?

 The last thing you want is to buy a car that is mechanically unsound or unsafe, so you need to ensure you get some help when it comes to assessing the condition of the vehicle rather than just the appearance.

High Maintenance

When buying a used car it is likely to be older and it will not have the protection of a factory warranty as it would likely have expired. In addition,  it is likely to have higher kilometres and the cost of maintenance can be higher compared to a new car as components wear out and require replacing.

Some owners may cost cut and delay in scheduled maintenance and repairs. Missing services, especially delaying some oil changes, regardless of kilometres driven, can affect the longevity of an engines life. A full service history and regular schedules servicing periods reduce maintenance costs and are essential when considering buying a used car.

Value for Money

It can be difficult for many buyers to determine whether the price of the used car represents value for money based on things such as the condition, service history, mileage, and other key factors.

 It takes time, research to assess where a specific car sits in its pricing. There are many variables, options, models, engine sizes and condition and reliability of a car that may vary its price on the used car market when selling. Naturally, you do not want to end up paying way over the odds when buying a used car, and this is where getting help can prove invaluable.

Clocked Mileage

One of the other very common problems that can come up is clocked mileage, and this is where the mileage of the vehicle has been adjusted to look far lower than it actually is. You may think you are buying a carefully maintained vehicle with 20,000 kilometres on the clock when the reality is that it has done 120,000 kilomtres! Again, getting experts to help you find the right car can prove to be the ideal solution.

Your Problem Solved

If you want to overcome these and other issues when buying a used vehicle, getting the experts in to help you find the right car is the perfect solution. At My Next Car Buying Advocacy, you can get the support and assistance you need from experienced professionals.

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