Previously I had my 1974 Corvette Stingray listed for sale in Car in excess of 12 months, with minimal enquiries and no firm offers for consideration.

​I was fortunate to be introduced to Richard, from My Next Car Buying Advocacy, via a 3 rd party. I was impressed with Richard’s knowledge and passion for motor vehicles and the best move forward in selling of my beloved Corvette. I engaged Richard who basically arranged everything such as

  • ​Writing a comprehensive Sales Ad for Car Sales incorporating all the vehicles history. It read like a story.
  • Taking all photos of my Corvette at a location that highlighted its color and its standout features.
  • All communication and enquiries from potential buyers including arranging inspections, which Richard attended
  • Richard engaged all Chevrolet and Corvette clubs around Australia providing add inclusions within their newsletters.
  • Provided all transfer papers, sale contracts and the like after securing the sale. Provision of a complete end to end service.

​It has taken exactly 1 month and my Corvette has been sold which is remarkable given my previous experience which was less than desirable.

The new purchaser was impressed with the story that Richard had written for Car sales as it left nothing more to enquire about besides an inspection which reinforced the story.

If you wish to Sell a Motor Vehicle I would have no hesitation in recommending that you contact Richard for a chat. As from my initial conversation, you will gain the same confident feeling that I did, that Richard should be engaged in the Sale of your Motor Vehicle, which I am glad happened in my case.

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