Robyn – 2019 Hyundai Sante Fe Highlander

Richard provided us with a very professional, efficient and successful service in resulting in the purchase of a new Hyundai Sante Fe Highlander, which I love!!

I don’t know a lot about cars, so it was super helpful to have his professional advice and he saved us time and money in the process.

We met with Richard initially to discuss what I needed and he went away and did some research, resulting in a shortlist of 3 suitable cars for me.

He arranged the test drives and picked me up and took me to 3 dealers. We did 3 test drives and afterwards chatted and compared the cars advantages and disadvantages.

That day I chose my new car!

Richard organised a good trade-in price for my old car and negotiated with the dealers, with whom he has a good relationship, to get me a great final price on my new Hyundai.

Today we picked it up together. I am a very satisfied customer and totally recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy for your next car purchase!!

Five Star Service!

Thanks Richard.

Andrea – 2018 Holden Astra R+ Auto Hatch

I highly recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy and Richard’s service.

I know absolutely nothing about cars and was anxious about getting ripped off and buying a lemon.  Richard took all that stress away.  He took care of every detail, answered every question, provided fantastic advice and guided me through the whole process with care and consideration.

In determining what my needs were, he raised things I hadn’t even considered to ensure I got the most suitable option within my budget.  His customer service is outstanding and he is incredibly passionate about making it a great experience.

Nick – 2018 Volkswagen Golf 7.5 GTi AUTO

“Simply put, without Richard’s work on my behalf I’d have sold my old car for much less, paid much more for the new one, taken at least a month to do it, and come away certain I’d been done.
Richard, you were worth every cent.”

I admit I do like cars, their looks, the driving experience, and where they take me, but every so often I have to face reality and sell one that’s well past its prime and buy a much newer one. And that’s where it all gets tricky, because I’m hopeless at it. I end up selling them too cheap and paying too much. And I know it. It takes me ages and is very stressful. And at the end of it all I I’m left questioning if I’ve really made the right choice. So, it was 11 years ago that I first tried using a car advocate to help with the process.

Last week, after 11 years of happy motoring, I needed to do it all again. A bit of online research led me to Richard Lipinski, Car Buying Advocate. A sole operator and certified car nut, who takes all the hassle out of the process for people like me. A phone call later I’d taken him on.

Richard likes to start right back at the beginning with his clients, helping them really think through what they want from the car over the next few years, or more, and then from his experience can suggest possible vehicles, some of which they may not have previously considered. In my case it was easier, my 11-year-old Golf had been terrific, right on so many counts, I just wanted another one, but maybe with a bit more zing, and all the technical goodies of a car today. He suggested a few alternatives, but clearly, he was a bit of a Golf fan too. We settled on looking for a new GTi, or a dealer demo model. He explained the ins and outs of dealer demos, and then the variables at the top end of the GTi market and the various options that were available on brand new ones. Then we started searching online. I had a budget of course, but one of the variables was the dollars I’d get on my old Golf. Richard took on the sale of that too. At the same time Richard quickly narrowed the options down to just two dealer demo cars in Melbourne that stood out, then started negotiating.

​Within just a week he had traded my old Golf for more than I expected, test driven and then negotiated the price on one of the new GTi’s down to within my budget. I paid the money and drove it home on Friday. With just 2.5k km on the clock it’s as if brand new. It’s got every option available. And one very happy driver.

Simply put, without Richard’s work on my behalf I’d have sold my old car for much less, paid much more for the new one, taken at least a month to do it, and come away certain I’d been done.

Richard, you were worth every cent.