Richard and services of My Next Car Buying Advocacy were responsive and extremely thorough.

What was immediately evident was his knowledge of cars and the benefits of the varying models and years can deliver. He quickly ascertained our needs and wants and from there set about finding the best car to deliver on these within our budget.

He highlighted cars that not only met our needs but would improve our driving experience, including comfort and safety. In particular we were impressed and found much value in some of the discussions around things to consider when buying a car; what to check for and ensuring the car driving experience and functionality is the right fit for both drivers.

Not only were we thinking and talking about buying a car for now, but Richard got us thinking about a strategy for long term. We found his insights and long-term considerations extremely valuable. This included having an idea of how long we might plan to have the car for and aligning that back to our car usage habits including average kms driven, the ongoing cost of maintaining the car, including fuel consumption, space requirements, lifestyle etc. Just lots of snippets of gold that we never would have thought of ourselves, all adding to our confidence in Richard and confidence in the purchase being made- and we love the result.

We were initially keen on the idea of a Holden Acadia, however, discounted it in our early considerations because of the brand leaving Australia and we kind of fell in to the trap of fear of unknown.  The reality (as Richard helped us see), was that we had an opportunity to buy a better and much newer car, with more features than we otherwise would be able to afford, including warranties and we had the opportunity to compare this to other leading contenders and test them all out. We ended up with zero fear. One of Richard’s key points Richard was that the car is still being made in America. So how is this different to buying a European car? Richard helped us change our mindset and stay focussed on meeting our needs with confidence and security.

Finally, all the stress is removed and the whole experience you just get to enjoy. We highly recommend My Next Car Buying Advocacy and no doubt we will use Richard ongoing. We went for the full Platinum Package and it was, in our experience, a true full service.

Richard was a delight to deal with!

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