The Lockdown series continues with me and my 2 driving buddies, Alfred & David, also sharing our experiences, comments and reflections of the different cars we have owned.

I am passionate about all things cars and love driving, test driving new and used cars and sharing those driving experiences with friends of similar mind and interest. Lockdown has temporarily stopped us all from enjoying and pursuing our sport, hobbies, passions & interests. It’s still important to enjoy your passions in different ways and stay connected.
(Richard Lipinski)

David’s first car is a big surprise considering his father, a car dealer, had a treasure trove of cars he could have passed on to his son.

If this reminds you of a special car you have owned please share your experience or just name it or just “like” ours.

David – Holden Sunbird

I will reminisce by going through the cars I have owned starting from the beginning. What I call “A life in 15 cars”.

1979 Holden 1.9 starfire engine. 58kW 132Nm
0-100km/h in 17.5 seconds.

My Dad’s gift when I got my licence. I remember going to the car auctions and looking at a Valiant Charger, an XC Falcon coupe and a Mazda RX4. And we came home with this thing! In an era when there were some truly awful cars this thing was exceptionally bad. I hated it so much that I drove it into a concrete median strip and convinced my father I didn’t really need my own car as I was catching public transport into Uni every day.

Richard comment:

Wow, this brief review probably reflects how painful an experience it was for you. Maybe your dad indirectly was ensuring you couldn’t drive faster than walking. I realised years later that my Dad had also slowed down our first car, the Austin Kimberly, by reducing the air fuel mixture and retarding the timing.

A very good friend of mine had the hatch back version for a while. That engine was shocking. We will keep it quite between us. To truly enjoy the fruits of your labour maybe you needed to experience hardship and embarrassment. You made up for it in some good choices from there on. I look forward to the story of the path of your redemption.

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