The Lockdown series continues with me and my 2 driving buddies, Alfred & David, also sharing our experiences, comments and reflections of the different cars we have owned.

David’s 13th car, brings us to one of the most enjoyable and fun cars I have driven. The equivalent to what Mazda did with the MX-5. A car that is reliable, provides total driving satisfaction and is affordable. The 86 comes alive when you hit the curves and mountains. What some say is underpowered for day to day driving, makes perfect sense when you start turning the wheel hit the curves with its ability to rev out to 7500rpm. Perfect driving position, beautiful gearbox, the steering and feedback is amazing. Comparisons to Porsche Boxster type feel are true. I have driven a Boxster S. To get similar driving rewards you would have to spend an equivalent $100k.

A car that within 2 mins of driving you get so much confidence in extracting the best out of it. This feeling builds every time you drive it again. Its accuracy, steering and chassis feedback bring out the best in your driving and the boyracer in you. Each drive being on occasion where your grinning ear to ear.

That’s why Alfred, David and I reference to the 86 regularly about what driving is all about and not spending a fortune to get that feeling, fun and experience. Another car that has bound all three of us together and lays the bench mark to what the purity of the driving experience is all about.

If this reminds you of a special car you have owned please share your experience or just name it or just “like” ours.

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David (13th) car:

2014 Toyota 86 GT
147kW 205Nm
0-100km in 7.6 seconds

What more can I say about the 86? A car that as a whole is so much better than a sum of it’s parts. The only possible criticism is a lack of power. But 200 horsepower from a 2 Litre engine would have been impossibly exotic a few years ago and now here is Toyota presenting it in an affordable rear wheel drive coupe with real sports car handling. This is the only car I have ever owned that I would seriously consider buying again. It is that good.

Alfred comment:

Here , here….feel the same way. If it was in my garage I would potentially put on 18 inch alloy wheels , so I could put the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres on. Would put Bilstein’s shockers on all around and upgrade the stereo with reverse camera and some great speakers. Job done. Now I have my Porsche drive probably for around low twenties. Means you would get the newer GT rather than a GTSs to get the better digital speedo if I did all those mods.

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