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Important Considerations When Selling Your Car

There are many reasons why people decide to sell their vehicles. Some decide to its time to upgrade to a new car or are given a company car by their employer. Others are unable to drive a vehicle due to illness or long-term injury, while others may simply find they cannot afford to run the vehicle. Whatever your reasons behind selling your car, it is important to take some key points into consideration. By doing a little research before you put your vehicle up for sale, you can ensure you get a speedy sale and that you get what your vehicle is worth. By [...]

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Should I Buy a New Car?

If you are thinking of purchasing a car, one of the key questions you may be asking yourself is whether you should choose a brand-new vehicle or a used one. There are pros and cons to both of these options, and it is important that you put plenty of thought into it before you make up your mind. Some people approach buying a car as if they are investing in an asset. Generally, purchasing a car is not an investment. A car is generally considered a depreciating asset and picking the right car that depreciates less or has a better resale value can become [...]

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What Are the Benefits of Buying a Used Car?

As most drivers will agree, having a car can be a tremendous help in your day to day life. If you have to travel to and from work, ferry the kids around, or need to get around to visit family and friends, having your own vehicle provides total ease and convenience. However, not everyone is able to – or willing to – purchase a brand-new car. Well, if you don’t want to opt for a new vehicle, your other option is to purchase a used vehicle. This is a solution that offers a host of benefits, with many people choosing to purchase used vehicles [...]

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Tips on Test Driving a Used Car

Many people decide to opt for a used car rather than a brand new one, and there are many good reasons for this. Some simply want a cheap vehicle to get them from A to B while others want to avoid the instant depreciation that comes with driving away in a brand new vehicle. There are others that purchase a used car for their children who have only recently passed their driving test, as they don’t want the risk of them having their first small bumps or accidents in a costly new vehicle. Whatever your reasons are for purchasing a used vehicle, one [...]

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The Benefits Of Purchasing A Used Vehicle

Purchasing a vehicle is a very big outlay and investment for many people and also can be a very daunting process, especially for the inexperienced. When you purchase a vehicle, you want something that is suited to your needs, comfortable, and safe but you also want something that is affordable and within your budget. With this in mind, there are lots of people who decide not to spend loads of money on a brand-new vehicle and opt for a used vehicle instead. If you do decide to opt for a used vehicle, you can look forward to a range of benefits but you [...]

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Tips to Consider when Buying a Used Car

There are many people who need to purchase a vehicle but cannot stretch their budget far enough to enable them to buy a new one due to their finances. Others prefer not to buy a new vehicle due to downside of instant depreciation as the car leaves the showroom floor or because they are purchasing for a younger person with limited driving experience. Whatever the reason, if you do not want to get a brand new vehicle, you can get some great deals on used cars these days. People decide to purchase used cars because they are not only cheaper than buying new [...]

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Car Buying Guide for a New Car Owner

Buying a car is one of the most important decisions that anyone can make at some point in their lives. Next to buying a house it is the second  biggest financial outlay for most people. Buying a car is not just about funding the purchase price but consideration should be made for the whole ownership experience and the costs associated during the life of the car.  This is why it’s important to have enough money set aside for other factors such as insurance, potential cost of maintenance and fuel before deciding to make this huge decision. If it’s your first time buying a [...]

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What 6 things should I Know Before Buying My First Car?

You’ve finally reached the point in your life when you’re ready to own a car. It could be your first one or it’s been a while since you bought one and  probably need to replace your old car with a new one. However, you should know that a car doesn’t come cheap. Apart from the amount you’ll pay upfront to own one, there is the ongoing maintenance, registration and insurance cannot be overlooked. That’s why you need to plan ahead first. If you woke up in the morning and just decided to get a car, you should reconsider your decision. A rushed, spontaneous [...]

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Tips to Get the Most Money When Selling Your Car

When it’s time to sell your car, it’s always a good idea to explore multiple avenues and potential buyers in order to make the most money on your vehicle. If you take the first offer that comes your way, you may be missing out on some serious cash for your vehicle. Getting your vehicle prepared for sale sounds more difficult than it actually is. At My Next Car Buying Advocacy, we know just what it takes to sell your car for top dollar. We offer services and packages to help you sell your vehicle for the maximum price. To help you get started with [...]

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